Vigilant Spectre x FXHummel1 Dead Some ENDO Trolls

Heaaaaaaaaadddd shots:

hahah wow and no extreme safety violations either.  That’s a first!  FxHummel, that was definitely the gayest model walk I’ve ever seen.  Nice work haha.  I really hope a VSO x FXHummel1 song collaboration was born during that visit.  You guys would really be doing each other, and all the rest of us a huge disservice if you didn’t cook something like that up.

I actually enjoy the trolling, most of it is downright hilarious.  Some rookie trolls need to step up their game though.

Vigilant Spectre wrote the truth in the description:

If you watch the content on both pages, you know that ENDO and VSO haven’t always had a shimmering relationship to say the least, ENDO Mike and I will likely never see eye to eye on firearms safety and a number of other things. However, we do both recognize one thing- although we may disagree, WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM. The Anti-gun lobby will take my weapon just as fast as they will take yours. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance and one of the reasons I started this channel, and why ENDO blogs. We as a community must work together and stay unified because they will be back, with reinforcements. We must do the same; we have seen the power we hold this past winter first hand. Build your networks people, if ENDO and VSO can do it so can you. Enjoy the show.

Vigilant-Spectre-FXHummel1-Kill-TrollsFXHummelVigilant Spectre… the two duffle bags full of Glocks and sequential unmarked bills are in the location we agreed upon.  It was great doing business with you fellas.

Head over to ENDO Apparel for the t-shirts as always!

To enter the giveaway they talk about in the video go to the Vigilant Spectre Facebook Page and comment “Endo Shirt”.  I find Facebook confusing as hell so I really have no idea where on that page you enter the giveaway, but I’m sure some of your l33t h4x0rs will be able to figure it out.


14 responses to “Vigilant Spectre x FXHummel1 Dead Some ENDO Trolls”

  1. That was actually very funny.

  2. Spectre Avatar

    Wait, we agreed that you had to put MattV in the bag too…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha Mattv paid me off, so that was a no-go.

  3. not getting trolled 101 – don’t feed the trolls

  4. santi Avatar

    This is pretty cool.

  5. Kevin Avatar

    Well these guys are good sports

  6. I need a new ENDO shirt. I was told I’m cut off from the blog until I add more ENDO shirts to my wardrobe.

  7. HouHef45 Avatar

    This is officially the longest VSO video I’ve ever watched and the second longest FXmouthHummer video I’ve seen (the reload song was pretty good). I just can’t keep up with the VSO vids past their third or fourth safety violation, which is usually sub-30seconds into the vid.

  8. I always get my dufflebag of cash in non-sequential unmarked small bills. It’s fluffier under the mattress that way.


  9. SittingDown Avatar

    Is this video a threat? LOL

  10. I need an ENDO shirt but no international shipping is available ;_;

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Sorry :( You’re going to need to find someone in the US to ship it to you or use a mail forwarding service.

      1. I’m due for my annual trip to the USA soon :D I’ll order one then.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Awesome Ray, sounds good!