Will Jam Jam A Glock Brand Glock?

Mattv2099 with another epic trollture test:

I like how he detail stripped it with this one haha.  God what a mess…

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingInteresting how the first two rounds didn’t fire, but the remaining ones did.  Some striker jam that had to be shaken loose perhaps?

This video was actually an idea I submitted to him, glad he let it breathe.

He’s wearing the ENDO Apparel Defend Freedom t-shirt in the Q&A at the end, if you want to pick one up.


14 responses to “Will Jam Jam A Glock Brand Glock?”

  1. 2Wheels Avatar

    “Oh look, I used (insert whatever here) to torture test my Glock and prove how kewl it is!”

    Come on, enough of these… I’ll give you a pass this time because it was apparently your idea.

    1. Is it because I’m black?

      1. 2Wheels Avatar

        Well I wasn’t gonna say anything… But yeah.

        That, and we’ve reached the point where I’m pretty sure God decided that from now on that for every Glock that’s torture tested another angel loses its wings.

        1. I jumped the shark a long time ago.

          My standard operating procedure is to pump vids out in volume. Because for every 50 vids i make there will be about 1-5 that are actually good and will get a shitload of views :)

        2. Ask yourself one question. Who would you rathr watch? Mattv or vigilant Spectre?

          1. BBJones Avatar

            Ask yourself one question. Why would I watch either?

            1. I’m not sure. That’s something you have to justify if it is worth it or not.

              Frankly, I’m impressed at how the gun functions in these environments. More so this time with how the striker channel was full of jam. I now see (and have confirmation of) the most vital part of the glock brand glock.

              1. It would have been jammin if the Glock would have jammed!

  2. MakoGroup Avatar

    I can’t hate on this enough. Seriously bro, get some new material

  3. Jimmy Russels Avatar
    Jimmy Russels

    What’s your goal in life? Is it to be a complete fuckup and number 1 self imposed detestable member of the human gene pool? If so, congratulations, I have good news for yourself. You have scored 100% completion in the above categories.

    I saw you shoot your 600 round clip urban style. It was pretty pathetic as you forgot the ultimate basics: smoking a blunt in combination with drinking malt liquor and lowering your pants beforehand. Furthermore, I heard not one ebonic taunt.

    I wish you, your boyfriend, special needs mother, and your father (whom you’ve probably never met) straight to the ninth circle of hell. I have never had such uncontrollable hate for any other fellow human except you.

  4. Frank Avatar

    Why can’t he wear sunblock?

  5. I can’t believe someone didn’t get that the 600 round mag was a joke… you got some braindead viewers, my brother :)

    1. A lot of someones. The most comment comment is “It’s fake because you are just looping the video”

      1. Taylor TX Avatar
        Taylor TX