Tom Clancy’s The Division Video Game Operates Hard


Definitely an interesting story on which the game is based.

1:30 – Ack! A flu virus can survive on a banknote for up to 17 days?! Please tell me that’s not true.


Holy… the graphics are insane. The heads up display and user interface for the character are amazing too. I picture myself wearing a tactical version of Google glass that shows awesome stuff like that soon. Someday we’ll be telling kids how we used to operate in operations without heads up displays with fancy maps and health monitoring, and they won’t believe it.

Tom-Clancy-The-DivisionThe game is coming out for the newest generation of consoles; the Xbox One and the PS4. I still can’t get over how complicated games are now, in comparison to the ones I used to play.

You can check out the game website for more info.



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  2. ryanisnice Avatar

    ridiculous graphic and some high tech stuff that i’m sure our govt is close to having.. the only thing I don’t like is how calm the operators are.. they’re running and engaging in combat and talking like they are sitting down sipping tea.. other than that I may have to purchase a ps4 solely to play this far too often.

    1. To me it sounded like those were actual players and not voice overs – I’m thinking it is multi-player. Can’t verify at work though…

      1. 032125 Avatar

        I think this is voice over acting after the fact, meant to give the impression of streaming commentary.

  3. They were actual players. Also during the shootout in front of the police station you may have noticed the drone that flew in? the drone was operated by ” a real person” using there tablet. one of the new features for the next gen consoles. pretty nasty stuff. I look forward to its release.

  4. tablet ,or smartphone. (i-pad,galexy…etc)

  5. KRISS Vectors… so operator!

    Have any actual LE/Mil unit adopted these yet? I don’t think so.

  6. Todd S Avatar

    Jeebus! That looks awesome.

  7. jaw still on floor… wow

  8. rjparis Avatar

    holy jeez so awesome.

  9. > used to play

    Implying he doesnt sit around all day eating cheetoes and playing call of duty.

  10. The Other Andrew Avatar
    The Other Andrew

    I’ve always found Tom Clancy games to be shit.

  11. Capt. Glenn Avatar
    Capt. Glenn

    The game world looks awesome and I love the physics and mechanics. But I would be concerned that the game is linear and scripted.

    I do not like games where you wander into an area and trigger a response which is the exact same every time you play. Now if you can go anywhere in the game world and the computer controlled players have totally random responses, I would love it.

    In any case I really like how the environment is destructible, by far my favorite type of shooter.

    1. It is being called an open world game, so we’ll see just how open it is once more details come to light. Either way, I’m going to buy it and play it. ;)

    2. At the end after she fires the flare, they are actually being attacked by another team of players. “Whoa that’s another group of players, brace for PVP (Player vs Player).” is what she says exactly.

  12. Overload in CO Avatar
    Overload in CO

    Love the world and plot. I hope there’s a novel that goes along with it.

  13. At this rate, we’re due for the PS9 in about 2019.

  14. dufhewi Avatar

    this is an mmo (massively multiplayer online) just to clear up any wrong thoughts those are player that are stragizing with each others

  15. they should be arrested. they have too many bullets in their magazines!!!

  16. I feel like they make games too “easy” these days, with an unlimited inventory full of gadgets and and health regen whenever the fuck you want, why not one gun two magazines and that’s fucking it.

    1. Try Operation Flashpoint Red River.

  17. Very cool! This and “Watchdogs” are a must buy!

  18. The thing with the E13 scenario is that the protagonists (terrorists) have to inoculate their 20% percent to actually win. If they release at random with no inoculation their faction is one among the 100Ks of survivors in the same proportion.

    Just look at the 1918 flu pandemic.

    But I’d still rather see Captain Trips. A 99.9% death rate — politics and religion no longer matter, in general.

  19. Don’t forget that this is coming for PC as well, with the best graphics and gameplay being on PC. This and ‘watch_dogs’ look like a must buy