Italian Gun Grease Fuggedaboutit

The Italians know grease:

Watching the video after a few whiskey sours, the way he explained the testing machine was way over my head.  Like come on… we get it Tony, your machine is about to get some good metal on metal action going.  He could have saved the math talk and just said something about friction and called it a day, but nooooo he had to get all Leonardo da Vinci on us.

I love how he punks the other gun oils by adding more weight and sand repeatedly to their tests.

*insert stereotypical zinger about pizza here*

tmnt-drugs-pizzaI don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty confident Italian Gun Grease would suffice in the operations I normally operate in.  If you’re not already sold, I hear it makes a good dipping sauce if you mix it 1:1 with balsamic vinegar.



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  1. 5X barrel life and faster fps? Ummm that’s ballsy. I think they may be overlooking the fact that most barrels are worn out with through throat erosion not rifling degradation

  2. Miguel Avatar

    I bet cleaning that stuff off your weapon would be a pain in the freaking butt!

  3. Gun oils are the same as snake oil.

  4. 05RC51 Avatar

    Wo did they steal that setup from? I remember the same bs setup and some snake oil for cars from a few years ago.. Was it slick 50? or one of the other PTFE loaded oils????

    1. ZMax

  5. People in third world country’s clean and lube their weapons with transmission fluid and 10w30. I think I can get by without Italian Gun Grease.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      synthetic motor oil is engineered to withstand more heat and abuse between oil changes than 100,000 guns will see in their cumulative lifetimes. plus, it’s about $4 for a quart versus $4 for a 1.5oz bottle of gun snake oil.

  6. Odd last time i checked out my owners manuals or the firearms instructors who taught me basic gun care oiling the barrel is what you do if you plan on putting the gun away for a long long time, not a normal maintenance step.

    secondly the sand test is far more telling than they would like to let on, you wouldn’t want this stuff in your gun seen as it will get every bit of debris and crud stuck on to it increasing the risk of fouling in your barrel or action.

    1. MrMaigo Avatar

      I think they want you to oil and sand your barrel before firing

  7. I, for one, only uses RICK TAYLOR-approved Snake Oil.
    “Contact rear!”.

    1. ZBalentine Avatar

      Every time. On all 8 continents.

  8. Regulus Avatar

    another new product in the gun industry…i guess i better get this or my weapon will jam and ill die. eye roll

  9. Much sillyness. I rank Rem-Oil right up there with WD-40 and don’t lube my bore. Seems like some dude is re-packaging some sort of food grade oil for big bucks.

  10. To all of your comments. I would encourage you to try us out. We differ in the fact that we are not selling someone else’s formula or repackaging a product. We have worked diligently to bring the best product to weapons maintenance. Our products were developed by a team of 10 chemists, physics and metallurgists using a systems process approach taking into account the metals, powders and contaminants, pressures and temperatures involved with operating your firearm. A truly non-toxic formula with a USDA N1 and N2 rating free from wax, petrol and paraffin, perfume. We are not a one trick pony, our products are specifically designed for the unique shooting scenarios our customers encounter. Also, don’t let the name fool you, we are a 100% American Made product and company founded and operated by US Marine Corps veterans. Our intention was not to “Punk” anyone in our testing but to show the IGG Difference. We are excited that we have created a product that can actually increase speed and accuracy by reducing the friction level so greatly. I would really encourage you to try our product, read about it, understand what we have accomplished and then form an educated opinion for yourself. For those of you who have already gone to the website we would like to thank you for giving us a shot(pun very much intended). We look forward to seeing your comments once you get a chance to give it a try.

    1. I think I’m gonna try your black powder lubricant. I use Mobil1 red grease on my guns now and it works ok. But still need to wipe off some the carbon build up on te arbor after 18 or so shots. So I’m wondering if your product will best what I’m using now. Thanks

      1. Matt, if carbon is your issue which it is with most black powder shooters then try out our carbon eliminator to clean the carbon heavy areas. then use the black powder to lubricate and condition the firearm. Thanks for your interest.

    2. BBJones Avatar

      FYI – you compared your product to 3 of the worst gun lubes on the market. Go up against, Slip 2000 EWL, Frog Lube, Fire Clean and even good old Mobil 1 then report back.

      1. We love reading all of your comments and we think it is amazing that you have decided to blog about our products. We have worked hard to provide the most advanced products available. When we discussed what products to use in the comparison the video, we wanted to use the most popular products according sales volume. We encourage all of you that use another lube to put us to the test. Order your free sample from our website. What do you have to lose?

        We thank those of you on this forum who already placed your orders and thank ENDO for blogging about us. Oh ya, we are a little “ballsy” but what do you expect from Marine Grunts.

      2. +1. The over-the-counter stuff is like picking on the slow kid in the corner of the classroom. Don’t forget Slide Glide and Slipstream Styx!

        1. If Pauly D becomes your spokes person, I’m buying.

          But really, gun oils are all a scam.

  11. sapper911 Avatar

    Stupid name, and moble 1 10w/30 is my favorite gun lube.

  12. SittingDown Avatar

    Synthetic wheel bearing grease FTW.

  13. SheepDog Avatar

    Just ordered a sample bottle. Looks impressive to me and just because what I have works doesn’t mean it can’t get better. I can be down with change if it gets better. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” doesn’t always apply.

  14. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    man’s really beating up the short bus kids picking those 3 for comparisons, also how many italians does it take to make a bottle?

    1. Porterhaus Avatar

      One Italian can produce up to a dozen bottles worth in a week.

  15. Capt. Glenn Avatar
    Capt. Glenn

    One should always beware of comparisons and testing not done by an independent party. In house testing is always suspect, not that this was not totally unbiased, just saying.

    This is just an advertisement, nothing wrong with that, but there’s a bit of “tooting one one’s horn” going on here.

  16. If you watch the video you will notice a difference in the way they tested their grease. With the first three tests the product was applied and then spread around the bearing into a thin, even coat before they start the test. With their product a relatively large blob of it is placed on the top and the test is started. I don’t know if this would change the test results or not. I would think it would give them an advantage because until that blob of lubricant on the top is spread out around the spinning bearing there is an extra amount of lube for the first few seconds.

    Even if it does not give them an advantage, this is not how you perform a scientifically accurate test. Every condition of the test needs to be exactly the same except for the one variable that you are attempting to prove. To me this leaves the question, did they prove that their lube is better or did they prove that starting with a large amount of lubrication at the point of contact is better?

    Also look at What is the intended application of the product you are testing. In a gun you are talking about extremely short high intensity wear on a surface. The friction in a gun occurs in under a second and occurs in “pulses” with a slight pause between shots and very little pressure pushing the two pieces together. (When was the last time you had 100 lbs of pressure pushing down on your slide while firing your gun?). This demonstration was for a continuous wear with extreme pressure on the piece. (I know they will say that this is a way accelerating the wear that would occur over time but I don’t think that this is an accurate portrayal)

    This would be like saying “look at our motor oil, we tested it and three of our competitor’s products in these cars for over 1,000,000 miles of average driving and it showed the least wear and tear on the engine, so we recommend that you use it in your Top Fuel Dragster engine”. There are totally different usage and wear conditions between a normal car and a dragster. just because it tests well in one does not mean it is best for the other.

    Want to impress me with your lubrication product? Mount multiple brand new handguns in a jig that cycles the slide once a second for 72 hours. Apply the different lubricants and show me the results at the end. Repeat this test 5 times, when it’s cold, hot, wet, dusty, etc. then we will have a more accurate representation of how well your product works.

    1. The thing is under REAL world conditions it really doesn’t matter which lube you use, be it motor oil or {super expensive hip gun oil}. Hell, I’d bet a paycheck that baby oil would work just as well. If they did a test as you described their wouldn’t be any differences shown, even if you ran the test for a month. So instead they used a test that highlights ONE of the strengths of their product.

      Back to the IGG, i’ll give it a shot, but it looks way too viscous to me. Screams DIRT MAGNET! iirc the military uses CLP specifically because of the fact that it won’t cake up with sand.

    2. Bob, thanks for your comment. The test in fact is a scientific test and a standard used by the Military to test friction. We are looking into your idea to use a Jig to repeat the slide action. I would encourage you to test our products for yourself and then make a judgement. we offer samples on our website. Thanks again for your thoughts.

  17. I’m not a guinea but I find that logo to be offensive. This isn’t the roaring 20’s guys.

    1. Fuggedaboutit

    2. SittingDown Avatar

      Capone approved. LOL

  18. Why are you comparing oils against a grease? Apples to Oranges? And what’s the talk about simulating the friction of a bullet going down a barrel? I oil my barrel to prevent rust during storage, not to reduce friction while firing. It’s the other moving parts that I’m worried about friction causing wear and functional issues. Not trying to beat you guys up, just trying to figure out your angle here.


    1. Tim thanks for the question, the product in the video was our tactical lube(oil). We initially made it a little thicker at the request of some of our test market. we have since thinned it out. If you will go to our website you can get a sample pack of our top 3. Tactical lube, Carbon eliminator and copper eliminator. Our video is a standard test used by the Us military to test friction. By reducing the friction in the barrel you can see an increase in speed and accuracy. Top Marksman and most Pro shooters will lubricate their barrel. we spent a lot of time developing the formula to be effective and non toxic. I would encourage you to give a shot and see what we can offer. for the heavy moving parts of the weapon we have true grease which can greatly reduce wear and improve function. look for our up coming videos on FB. Thanks for your questions,
      we hope you will become part of “The Family”.

  19. i bet if they ran that thing dry it would have come up with the same results as rem oil and break clean ha ha and i dont care about barrel wear, i worry about the action sticking. I never met anyone who oils their rifling before going to a range. I smell something fishy…

  20. theblackknight Avatar

    If you claim increased accuracy and velocity, show us independent tests proving that. Otherwise, you are just the next magic toad oil.

    F1 racing teams and aerospace companies with bigger budgets for testing and a test bed that is way harsher with metallic friction then any m249 squad jam-o-matic use the most advanced lubes and greases in the world, and they sell them on the shelves at walmart for a lot cheaper then most gun lubes.

  21. Rick M. Avatar

    I got Italian Gun Grease at a gun show in Tn , here is what I found after some use. I tried their tactical lube in my glock 23 pistol. i fired about 200 rounds. when i was done i opened up the pistol and was able to wipe the carbon left behind with my finger and it came off. I have an old piece of crap .22 caliber pistol that jams up almost every time i shoot it. I put the true grease they sell, on the slide. and it has never operated more smoothly. i have not experienced a single jam since using this stuff. I am hooked and will be a fan of their stuff for a long time. also i like that it is non toxic and made in the USA. i read all the information on their website and the stuff they said makes sense to me. I thought frog lube was the best stuff for a long time and now i have switched. any way that’s been my experience. I am not a pro so my knowledge of all the products out there is limited, but i like this stuff a lot.

    1. Gabriel Avatar

      Thanks for the Support Rick, we have worked hard to provide the best products for your firearms.

  22. My best friend’s dad developed and markets a product called Bio-Lube for dental hand pieces and many other applications. It is distributed through his own company Southland Distribution & Sales. He has been selling the lube and some other dental products (x-ray cleaner and such) for longer than I’ve known them. (10+ yrs). The lube is a boundary nano lubricant and he tests and compares every lube he can find on the market against his on a Timken machine. We have yet to find something to out perform it. He sells the lube as well as the cleaner which easily cleanes the lube off with no scrubbing or anything. Both are biodegradable and food prep safe. I use both for cleaning and maintaining all of my guns. I will bring this article and video to his attention and see if we can’t come up with a 1v1 test and video. The stuff is too expensive to use for everyday WD40 quality lubing, however. When necessary, we use it.

    1. Chase send us a sample of your product we would be interested in the comparison. Also I d like to know what is in your products, Wax? Paraffin? Distillates. Also if it is created for dental use, we would be curious to see the data on how did it tested in a lab for fire arms use. I.E. corrosive properties, molecular break up of matter, and how it reacts against the metals used in fire arm manufacturing. Does it penetrate, clean , or condition. What are the bi products left behind, how does it react to carbon, copper, ect. what is the heat rating as well as the freeze rating. does it contain an anti corrosive to prevent the future forming of rust and corrosion.
      thanks look forward to hearing back from you.

  23. the video doesn’t work