Do Kydex Properly Or Do Not. There Is No Try. – Yoda

A clever response to the Boba fett holster I posted about:



Cooked up by PHLster out of Philidelphia. Awesome work… I’m sure the orders from people wanting their own are piling up. Make sure to check them out if you’re in in the market for a holster. They have some great Kydex holster tutorials on their YouTube page too, if you’re looking to get into making your own.

Thoughts?  Personally I’m holding out for the Jar Jar Binks holster.  He’s my favorite character EVER! (said no one ever).


9 responses to “Do Kydex Properly Or Do Not. There Is No Try. – Yoda”

  1. ChrisM Avatar

    That’s fantastic.

  2. Regulus Avatar

    i like this!

  3. Nice. I like that one more. The colors make for a nice, “camo.”

  4. Fucking love it.

    Can they make me one with nutnfancy frowning ?

  5. Jon G. Avatar

    Like this better than Boba holster, I do. Strong with the Force PHLster is.

  6. Jon G. Avatar

    A holster with the rebel and empire symbols each would do nicely for my blasters.

  7. From the FAQ:

    Q. I don’t see any color options. Can I get my holster in a different color?

    A. Since our gear is designed to be concealed, we eliminated color options. It also helps keeps prices and wait times low. You can have whatever color you want, as long as it’s black.

    Have to love it.

    But they don’t have anything for Kimbers.

  8. STORM TROOPER NEXT!!! Or C-3PO…lol…
    Vader would probably be doable too…

  9. victorious Avatar

    This holster looks hot and fits my style perfectly I definitely need one or two in my life.