Man Demos Suspicious Looking Toy Gun From The 80s

Oh my oh my oh my:

“what a wonderful idea for a gun.  Quite mad but great fun.” LOL awesome.  The comments on the video are the best, make sure to click through and check them out.

Hendrik-Ball-Toy-Gun-1980sI had not seen a couple of those other guns, but the Balloon Russian Roulette one I blogged about a while back.

Thoughts?  How many of you hit eBay to try and find that vibrating and rotating one?

Hat tip: ENDO-Jessica


8 responses to “Man Demos Suspicious Looking Toy Gun From The 80s”

  1. MrMaigo Avatar

    What came first the dildo or the gun?

    1. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

      What or who?

  2. That pistol is way too big for concealed carry.
    But when travelling it is better than no gun at all.

  3. That first one made me feel…weird.

  4. FanfictionWTF? Avatar

    Alfred: “Master Wayne, I thought some of these items might strike fear into Gotham’s villains.”

    Bruce: “Alfred! My parents were…”

    Robin: “Holy Hare Trigger! Bruce is just having a hard time visualizing the application of these items… hang on to the sausage gun and the wiggly one for me.”

  5. What the hell was your girl typing into Google to stumble across this noise?

  6. The infamous “drilldo” springs to mind :D

  7. Sorry folks, obviously the dildo gun is only available in .45 ACP.