Bespoke Boba Fett Kydex Holster

An awesome custom creation by OTG Holsters:


If you know Star Wars you should recognize that as Boba Fett’s helmet.  The holster was custom made for shooter and Star Wars nerd Nikki Raye‘s Glock.

As a proof of concept I like the idea a lot!  Nice to see company’s taking on fun custom jobs like this.



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  1. Mr farrell Avatar
    Mr farrell


  2. Regulus Avatar

    That is really cool! I like that holster alot. After clicking on the link to her FB I do not regret deleting my FB. But I’m a cranky old man

  3. Most excellent.

  4. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    That is awesome, the star wars nerd in me would pay out the ass for it ha.

  5. Herschal Avatar

    Too bad Rob Tran is one of the biggest assholes in the kydex community.

    1. MakoGroup Avatar

      Agreed. Over $200 for a light bearing holster? Ridiculous

      1. Herschal Avatar

        His prices are high, but they’re what the market will bear.

        The issue that people and myself have with him is his attitude toward people who aren’t one of his ‘fanbois’ and anyone who doesn’t agree with him. I visited San Diego and overheard him while he was in a local gunstore talk about people ripping him off, as if he had invented kydex work.

        He is the definition of a two faced asshole.

  6. Hmmm. I just got a Shield holster from them. I goofed up the order and had to call them to correct it. He called me Sir over the phone. :-/

  7. SLUG36 Avatar

    that thing looks like a 8 year old made it in crafts class to hold his cheetos!!

  8. No Name Avatar

    I have a custom made magazine/handcuff (ya, I’m da po po) case made by OTG. They make a great product. This holster is sofa king cool. Just shows what creativity, time and money can do.

  9. 200 bucks for a light bearing holster hmm
    Maybe if you selected:

    Standard light holster: $95
    Atacs, Supercam or some other more expensive option. +$15-25
    Add the scalloped out hex cuts. $30
    Selected next day ship option. 55$

    If you need it done the next day we sort of have to drop whatever we are doing and work on your custom rush order. If you don’t mind waiting most orders ship out in 3-5 weeks.

    As for coming up with the other stories about me you are free to interpret things as you wish.

  10. Rob may be one of the biggest assholes in the Kydex community, but he is an excellent cuddling partner.

  11. I may be some shmuck instructor/competitor/rangemaster/grunt/collector/prettyboy but I’ve delt with alot of others in the industry enough to say that if your not being called an asshole then you probably aren’t worth anything… You have no idea how many times I’ve heard lower end shooters call Vickers, Yeager, costa, Haley, vogue, butler, KC assholes… But I’d call them all awesome so Mr. Tran calling you an asshole is almost a complement you kydexing hexual asshole

  12. I have one holster in-hand made by OTG. It’s an excellent piece of work, and I do my own kydex for the knives that I make. Rob was very accommodating in a recent project that was going to be part of a fund-raiser – donating labor and materials to help out by making much nicer kydex than I could for a complex knife blade. Currently waiting for a whole raft of OTG kydex for my personal use, now. Of the 5 major kydex companies with which I’ve dealt, OTG has been the easiest to contact, most responsive and the work has been absolutely top shelf. Jus’ sayin..

  13. I don’t know where you guys get your stories from, but all my OTG kydex is of the highest quality, no one doubts that. I always get a prompt response from the company, even with some personality in it(shame on you for bringing your own personality into your business, asshole) I have nothing but the best things to say about Rob, his employees, his craftsmanship, or how he handles business. They say you get what you pay for….and that’s why I will always go back to OTG.

  14. Matthew Avatar

    There are, what, two comments on how cool this holster is? A bunch of keyboard super heroes trashing someone they have never met, but just see their products online? What the fuck? What happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?
    Rob, that thing is bad ass! Good job.

  15. Check out SC Tactical Innovations, they have made this exact holster

  16. Where can I buy this????? Its awesome!!!