You Might Be A Hipster Redneck If

Jeff Foxworthy endorsed rifle scope iPhone bolt on accessory, the iScope:

I’m just looking forward to the forthcoming youtube vids where guys forget how much recoil some higher caliber rifles have if your not holding them properly, and end up getting an iFace or an iBlackEye.  Put this thing on a .700 Nitro Express, concentrate really hard on the screen from 4″ away and see whats up LOL.

This is still one of the funniest shooting related videos I’ve ever seen.  Those guys need to do a 2013 version with iScopes.

The iScope goes for $100 if you’re interested.


Are you really that attached to your phone that you even have to use it hunting?  Sweet LAWD just turn it off and enjoy the outdoors.

I don’t even know what’s worse… this or the Inteliderp iPhone Rifle Scope Adapter.



9 responses to “You Might Be A Hipster Redneck If”

  1. Rjackparis Avatar

    In theory this should cancel out all parallax and increase off handed accuracy seeing as the point of view never changes. the only issues i see with it are. 1. I doubt the I phone could handle the recoil of the larger calibers, at least in bolt actions the scope should experience 100 percent of the recoil. 2. the screen is off set to one side, while non american shooters may feel comfortable with this. In my opinion of being both an american and a lefty, shit sucks yo. other then that, the distance between your face parts and the iphone/ scope can be adjusted for by mounting the scope forward. just wish there was a more streamlined video option using existing and easily attainable tech.

  2. Regulus Avatar

    OMGGG, This just strengthens my rant from last night. haha “hunters”.

  3. MrMaigo Avatar

    How would you all feel about a Google Glass version?

    1. Rjackparis Avatar

      that would be incredible. one step closer to smart linked scope and all that.

  4. Ordered.
    For maximum speed and minimum drag of course.

  5. I don’t think it was from this company, but I liked the idea of a spotting scope adapter for the iPad/iPhone. Spotting scopes have a really narrow eye box, but that adapter would likely fix that issue IMO.

    Not sure that I would wait to aim with my smart phone though.

  6. 44MAG Avatar

    can the i phone take the repeated shock of a 44 mag??… :D

  7. James Morman Avatar
    James Morman

    This is a great idea for spotting scopes. I wish Camp Perry would allow phones at the firing line.

  8. dave w Avatar

    if you put this on your mosin, and interface it with fruit ninja i see hilarious bayonet mishaps on the youtubes.