Colbert On Tracking Point’s Zero Skill Required Assassin Rifle

This is pretty good:

Colbert-Supreme-Court-McDonaldI’ll never get tired of people freaking out about the tracking point system.

Colbert is funny even though all the jokes are quite obvious.


18 responses to “Colbert On Tracking Point’s Zero Skill Required Assassin Rifle”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    I wonder if the computer denies the ability to shoot people if it detects a silhouette…

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      That might be left up to the discretion of the (I was really trying to not use this word but) operator.

      1. bandroidx Avatar

        come on, we all know Real operators dont operate operationally with a tracking point.

  2. Trackingpoint is reported to have found this hilarious.

  3. Bunch of libtards going ‘awe..’ When a digital deer is shot…

    1. and continues to eat meat slaughtered from a factory.

    2. It’s taking all the sport out of hunting. The cost of the product is unrealistic for the average hunter to invest in. However, a poacher could feasibly afford and profit from using this, considering it’s potential applications.

    3. Blow me you limp dick faggots. I fucked your grandma with a trackpoint and it works great! It was so precise it found her little peabrain and blew it out of her vacuous fucking skull. I came buckets. PS. I have 12 on back order

  4. this video was uploaded by tracking point. i see they got a chuckle out of it too.


  5. Regulus Avatar

    Hunters have become a bunch lazy pussies anyways. Setting up a feeder, sitting in a blind waiting for a hungry animal to come through the drive through. If you wanna see some real hunting look up “Mark Sullivan nitro express safaris.” That’s real hunting. Ya ya i’ve heard it all but shooting a deer or anything from a feeder is just lazy and I’m going to call you a pussy and make fun of you.

    1. overkill556x45 Avatar

      I’ve recently taken up bowhunting. I’ve watched a bunch of Fred Bear videos from the 60s. Look that shit up on YouTube some time. He killed a polar bear with a 65lb recurve.

      1. Regulus Avatar

        Ah shit. i should have put a disclaimer on my post saying bow hunters where exempt. it really takes some balls going out in the sticks with just a fucking bow and arrow. even them compound or crossbows. what i’m bitching about is these assholes shooting shit at 25 yards with a damn semi auto or damn 7mm and up. like come one. If you take out a bear or even a deer with a bow thats bad ass as hell. even more bad ass if having to finish him off buy scalping that wounded bastard. If you stalk your prey, with skill, take him out even with a rifle u got respect. if you just sit and wait at a feeder then screw you. ur a pussy.

        1. Regulus Avatar

          damn typos. fuck it

        2. overkill556x45 Avatar

          I’m not a badass at all, despite hunting with a bow. My point was that modern hunters can be total cheaters. Fred Bear was awesome. He took almost every type of game on earth with a 65lb recurve and two-blade broadheads. I hope that one day I’m 1/100th the badass he was.


          1. Regulus Avatar

            hELL YA! thats what i was complaining about. i think people have forgotten Valhalla. theres many ways to enter…but killing a feeding animal from Burger King ain’t real hunting. There used to be honor in hunting. but it’s been long forgotten lately with mall ninjas. Bow hunters and black powder and pistol/knife hunters are except from my rant.

            1. Taylor TX Avatar
              Taylor TX

              lol I dont think hunters and mall ninjas are ever really summed up into the same group except on the interweb.

              Even if you dont hunt ON the feeder, not having a corn feeder is basically asking the deer to bypass you for the next low fenced property that does. Not everyone gets to hunt on these giant expanses of property, most of the time if you spook that buck, hes hopping the fence and thats it.

              Hunting for some of us, is about putting meat in the freezer for the year, making sure we have something to eat. I dont really approve of trophy hunting as it negates the relationship with the hunter and the animal. Gotta respect the spirit of the deer, thank the animal for giving up its ass so you could feed your own.

              Bow hunting is great, if you dont mind sometimes having to track a wounded deer. But knife hunting? Good luck with that.

              1. Regulus Avatar

                Good words.

  6. I really can’t stand Colbert. And this is why.