SCOTUS DNA Collection On Arrest Not Only Conviction

Using it to fish for crimes.  AmidsTheNoise always has interesting things to say:

AmidstTheNoise-YouTubeCollecting DNA from people who have been ARRESTED, not even convicted… that’s shady.  Imagine all the “arrests” that will be happening just to get DNA when some detective has a hunch, or like AmidsTheNoise says near the end of the video to just have a database of innocent people’s DNA.



2 responses to “SCOTUS DNA Collection On Arrest Not Only Conviction”

  1. Al T. Avatar

    Completely disagree. It’s just like finger prints. His point about searches (police come to your house) is silly. The “search” would be from previous crime scenes, certainly nothing under your control.

  2. The U.S. Marshals and DOJ DNA you on arrest when you are in processing (not in the field). It goes into the JDIS system along with fingerprints and photos and comments about scars and tattoos. Helps when you are shuffled around from jail to jail and prison to prison.