.45 ACP Firearms And The People Who Carry Them

MrColionNoir with the breakdown:

I always enjoy the analogies… so accurate.

LOL “because a 9mm only kills your body… the .45? that kills your soul.”  hahahha how much do you want to bet that will be taken out of context someday.

hahahah at the penile implant joke and that whole bit.   MrColionNoir is quite the actor too.

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI like the recoil of .45… I always describe it as “dull” compared to the 9mm.

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    1. Wtf ipad? Wtf?

  1. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    I was waiting for this video in direct result of how I did enjoy the preceding 9mm counterpart so fervently. I am disappointed because this did not make me laugh. It looks like you can’t really make fun of the .45 guys and Mr. Colin Noir is likely a .45 guy at heart. When he discusses the recoil as a predictable fun to shoot round and then gives his opinion on the .40 I couldn’t agree more. If this was supposed to be an attempt at humor it was a fail because the points he made were mostly factual.

    Different strokes for different folks, but if you can effectively conceal and operate a .45 of some variety it is inarguable you are better off with that than a .40 or 9mm However, I will admit there are times, especially now as warm weather approaches us, when a .380 or 9mm is more convenient/appropriate for concealment and I respect that. Usually I have an LCP in my back pocket to begin with regardless of what I plan to carry or wear on my belt for the day.

    This may sound like a bunch of ramble-on rhetoric and hair splitting bullshit, but the point I want to make is this: carry what you are capable of concealing and most proficient in shooting in a “close range” rapid fire scenario. If that happens to be a .45 or .22 no one should stigmatize your decision if you made it based on actual practice with the guns you will be concealed carrying. In reality this decision is quite personal and dependant on many variables. As long as you have taken the time and effort to educate yourself in making a knowledgeable decision in respect to what caliber you shoot best your choice deserves to be respected.

    Personally a compact .45 does the trick for me. Being tall with big hands I cannot always shoot the smaller caliber guns as effectively, unless they are big enough to fit my hand and close to the size of my M&P .45 Compact. At that point is there any benefit for me to carry a smaller caliber as a primary carry piece if I am so well practiced with the .45?

  2. I had a 1911 9MM for a while. i’m with SO on the size of my hands. The compact pistols are generally too small to handle gracefully.

  3. SinEater Avatar

    I am not the biggest guy but I have trouble with shooting slim frame weapons accurately.
    Before I ever owned a handgun I shot a 1911 at the range one time. Then I shot a Glock .40 and a Ruger SR9. The 1911 felt like God patted me on the back and said “this one”.
    I bought an HK45 because it actually felt better in my hands than any of the 1911 pistols at the gun store. I had it for four months and got really tired of a random reset issue and sold it to purchase an FNP45 (because 15 is better than 10 any day). I don’t like the “whip” or fast recoil of the .40 and the nine millimeter weapons I have shot don’t suit me as well as a big pistol. Conversely the Bersa Thunder .380 is a joy to shoot…Go figure.

  4. jim k Avatar

    I carry a 45 because that’s what I carried as a duty weapon. I carried a 45 for ten years and that’s what I trained on and was very proficient using it . Before my 45 I carried a 9 and the first duty gun I carried was a 357 revolver. My choice was not to try and” be all that”. I still carry a 45 because I was given my duty 45 (Glock 21SF) at my retirement. Why buy another gun when I got one for free!

  5. Ha ha ha “the 9mm only kills your body; .45, that kills your soul”

    I’m gonna have to use that in the next gun store 9mm vs .45 debate I hear.

  6. Got a buddy who loves his .40…I’ve wondered about him from time to time. This explained a lot of his…mannerisms.