3D Printed Bullets

Probably the most useless firearm related 3D printing application yet:

So let me get this straight… you print out the shape of the projectile which basically weighs nothing, and then you go and fill it with lead? hahahaha cool story bro.

Until everything that weights more than feathers is banned or regulated I can’t see there ever being a point to this.

Troll-FaceThese guys need to start getting that Richard Ryan money and invest in a proper slow motion camera.  The one they use hurts my sensitive eyes.



6 responses to “3D Printed Bullets”

  1. Tierlieb Avatar

    Well, people build stuff because they can. For me, that is a good enough reason. Seems the printer operator was just having fun, as the “trifecta” round shows.

    But a cynic would say: Why fill it with lead? How about a hardened steel core? There you go, you have a sabot round, which is a lot softer on a barrel than just turning a piece of steel on a lathe. Of course, there are millions of ways doing this, but this is a rather convenient way to do so.

  2. Interesting. Any reason casings and primers couldn’t be printed? Obviously they’d be single use affairs but still…

  3. What makes more sense is to print fins for a hard metal core.




    The above are currently in the hands of the good people at Demolition Ranch, hope to see them fly soon.

  4. d0zer Avatar

    Umm…k… Couple of things.

    First, the pitch and yaw he experienced when firing those rounds has nothing to do with “following the path of least resistance”, but everything to do with the lack of gyroscopic stability imparted imparted on a round either from a rifled barrel, or a rifled slug.

    Which dovetails nicely with my second point: it would be interesting to see those 3D printed slugs perform with integrated rifling. It’s hard to tell from the video, but it seems that the slugs would also benefit from strategically increasing their mass a bit.

    Just some thoughts…

  5. 032125 Avatar

    Sabot rounds indeed. For most ‘packed full of shit from my garage” applications wax does the job, but a proper sabot round is trickier.

  6. Chrontius Avatar

    Yeah, this is begging to be made into homebrew APFSDS shotgun rounds.