Obama Calls In The Marines Umbrella Division

Commander In Chief and the Turkish Prime Minster didn’t want to get wet:

Obama-Rain-Marines-UmbrellaPeople were shitting a brick over this on the internet the last couple days.  I’m sure there were worse things those two Marines have done, and will do than hold an umbrella for their boss in the White House Rose Garden.

Today’s Terminal Lance comic on the topic was pretty awesome.  That would have been pretty damn funny if one of those marines was like “HA, I’m not holding an umbrella for you”.  I don’t even know what would have happened after that, but I’m assuming it would be met with a quick dishonorable discharge.

Thoughts?  Did this enrage you?


26 responses to “Obama Calls In The Marines Umbrella Division”

  1. I saw this just last night, http://i.imgur.com/6NbbGIS.jpg ..

    why does it have to be the marines? why isn’t it one of those suited guys..

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha nice one, so true.

  2. David Avatar

    Marines do not hold umbrellas. Very undignified. His boss should know these things.

    1. 032125 Avatar

      In the list of undignified things I did in the military, holding an umbrella wouldn’t have made the top 50. Soldier worship makes me puke.

      1. HSR47 Avatar

        There is no provision for male marines to carry umbrellas while in uniform.

        1. busdriver Avatar

          That would matter if the umbrellas were for the marines. They weren’t.

          They got orders to stand in place and hold things, there is no sacred rule that a marine must never come into contact with an umbrella in the course of his duties lest it defile his purity or some shit like that. Grow up.

  3. dave w Avatar

    They will do whatever they are told dammit, hes the boss and they signed their lives away. There lucky he doesnt order them to comb the wookies bangs every night.

  4. sapper911 Avatar

    Pussy! So along with all of the other illegal things that he has done. He now made 2 marines violate there clothing regulations. Under no circumstances is a male marine allowed to carry an umbrella. The only marine that is allowed to carry an umbrella is a female in class-a uniform and she is only allowed to carry it in her left hand so she may salute. A real man would have gladly stood in the rain with his marines.

    1. busdriver Avatar

      baww muh clothing regs

      fuck you he’s the president goofus

      1. HSR47 Avatar

        Only the Commandant of the Corps has the authority to make exceptions to the uniform regulations.

        1. redbaron Avatar

          I’m pretty sure the Commander in Chief trumps everybody. That’s kind of the definition of the job.

  5. Beecher Bowers Avatar
    Beecher Bowers

    Funny how he was so quick to call the Marines to hold his umbrella, but not to protect our assets in Benghazi

  6. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    Reagan did this with the secret service. Whats the difference?

    1. Beecher Bowers Avatar
      Beecher Bowers

      Secret service =/= Marines

  7. AJ187 Avatar

    This country went from President William Henry Harrison dieing of pneumonia after giving a 2 hour long inaugural speech to this pussy that can’t hold his own umbrella in a light drizzle. We’re truly fucked…..

    1. busdriver Avatar

      Dieing of pneumonia for being an idiot isn’t an achievement worthy of praise.

  8. This was truly a shame to see. From what I’ve heard sapper911 you were spot on with your comment. But even with the President…it doesn’t bother me as much as seeing a Marine hold an umbrella over that fucking Turk’s head.

  9. JonManGo Avatar

    Obama knows so little odd the Marines. He can’t even pronounce “corps” properly. Disgraceful.

  10. Aren’t there interns and lackies for shit like this?

    1. HSR47 Avatar

      There are, but he knows this furthers his agenda.

  11. Seriously. A fucking umbrella? This is really pissing people off that much? Maybe I don’t get it, but if the President asked me to hold an umbrella, and I was in the military, I’d do it, regardless of my feelings on the guy.

    1. It’s not the umbrella.


      1. As I said, maybe I don’t get it. Violation of uniform code as someone else here stated? I mean, don’t just say “it’s not the umbrella” and leave no explanation.

      2. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
        Dr Kranknstein

        Exactly it is just another example of the constant disrespect this president has shown towards our military men and women.

        Chris while it is just a fucking umbrella. The fact he is holding it while in uniform makes him in violation of Marine Corp regs. A Commander in Chief who forces any military person to violate their services regs just so he doesn’t get a few drops of water on the suit we bought him is just an asshole.

  12. redbaron Avatar

    Honestly, if I were the Marine in that pic I wouldn’t mind all that much. It’s a better gig than getting shot at by Taliban.