Hickok45 Takes A Look At The MAC-11

Beastly rate of fire on this thing:

According to Wikipedia the ROF on that MAC-11 is 1200 rounds/min compared to 700–950 rounds/min for the M16.  Niiiiiice.

Hickok45-YoutubeTurning money into noise… Hickok45 does it right.   I could watch / listen to that guy shoot and talk about shooting all day.



12 responses to “Hickok45 Takes A Look At The MAC-11”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    If and this is a big IF, I had the money and the firearm that would be my carry gun.

    1. That would totally put an end to the arguement that the .380 doesn’t have enough stopping power.

  2. Good to see John getting some airtime

  3. Full auto macs are just as fun as you think they would be. Expensive, but fun.

  4. Fuddlebucks Avatar

    One Mag? Giving the Uplula a workout eh. Is that a Hi-point on the table as well?

  5. AJ187 Avatar

    They’re insanely fast, to a point of uselessness, but still awesome. Would love a class iii uzi, which I charge hickok of getting me obsessed with due to his uzi vid.

    1. jpcmt Avatar

      Exactly, it’s a useless gun that serves very little defensive purpose, and a foolish and haphazzard offensive purpose..which fits the MO of the typical fool gangsta who dares use one…in the super modified gangsta posture. lol

      1. Ask the NYPD. That’s how many rounds they use in a crowd.


    I can’t find ammo anywhere, had to dust off the reloader and start making my own.

  7. 032125 Avatar

    Somebody go fowling with this.

  8. Louis Avatar

    Wher can i get quick reload pocket like that?

  9. Wow, that is the actual “shoulder thing that goes up.”

    I did shoot one once, borrowed from the local police dept., thanks to friendship with the armorer, and yes, it takes no time to be empty.