Triggers In Paris – 3D Printing A Liberator And Taking It On The Eurostar Train

Reporters print one up then take it on the Eurostar train from London to Paris:


Two reporters passed completely unchallenged through strict airport-style security to carry the gun on to a London to Paris service in the weekend rush-hour, alongside hundreds of unsuspecting travelers. The gun produced by the reporters was split into three pieces and concealed in the clothing of two reporters who bought standard class tickets to Paris.  They did not attempt to smuggle the firing pin or bullet for safety and legal reasons, but small metal items could be easily concealed.

Full Story – DailyMail

OOOOOOOOOOO that’s going to have lawmakers and security over there pissed off.  The reporter in the pics took a page right out of the “It’s not cool unless you have your finger on the trigger” book haha.

It has been mentioned before, but since that train existed one could have easily brought a piece of pipe and a nail on it which could also fire a .380 round and no one was shitting a brick over that.

In related Liberator news, MegaUpload scumbag Kim Dotcom who I thought was a huge proponent for internet freedom removed the weapon files from his servers because they are “scary”. *eye roll*



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  1. Oh, hey, imagine that. There was a “firearm” on the train that didn’t go off on its own (yeah, I realize they had no ammo) and no bricks were shat during the actual act of carrying it.

    Also, LOL @ the DoD thinking shutting down defense distributed would stop the proliferation of the Liberator’s blueprints. Spread of information is one thing that the government will always be completely unable to stop. I’d venture a guess that since they got shut down, there’s been a spike in availability through “clandestine” means due to the increased publicity.

    Another thing…this doesn’t really surprise me that this got snuck through, especially broken down. I remember in February of 2002, I went with some friends on a ski trip to Colorado. We were flying out of Indianapolis International. We took our camping backpacks that we thought had been cleared out of all “bad” things. We got through security and were sitting at our gate, when my buddy dug his CD player out of his backpack, and then also noticed he got his 8″ fixed blade through security. It had been kind of buried underneath a bunch of stuff, but it was placed on the x-ray conveyor belt, and it apparently wasn’t spotted. We promptly notified security and they were OK with it given we came forward with it, but that shit definitely gave my skepticism of the effectiveness of the security a healthy boost. (damn that’s a nasty run-on sentence)

      1. It’s not like Eisenhower didn’t warn us.

  2. Without the nail for a firing pin and some bullets (both of which would show up on a metal detector), they didn’t take a weapon, they took some pieces of plastic. PSH at its finest.

    1. …and yeah, I know the difference in bullets and ammunition, I’m just coming into the end of a 10 hour shift and my brain is tired.

  3. 2Wheels Avatar

    Kim Dotcom is a bitch btw.

    And I’m really tired of people peeing their pants over this gun.

  4. Eh… a flaregun with a .410/.45 insert makes a better gun than the liberator, but you don’t see people crying over that

    1. Rjackparis Avatar

      HUSH, next thing you know they’re going to start banning assault flare gun inserts.

      1. As long as those inserts are not over .50″ capable of firing fixed ammo, you’re fine.

        If they are…what up AOW!

        1. Rjackparis Avatar

          although suddenly i’ve got an idea for a pepper mill .22 insert for large caliber flare gun. ( the fiireing pin strikes the rim of the round so it’s off center right?)

    2. Kevin Avatar

      I’m sure all metal parts used in flare guns could be replaces with high quality plastic ones, then with the insert you have a much more effective and lethal and reusable undetectable gun…

  5. So these two clowns made a functional handgun in a country that bans all handguns. Then they snuck it on a train and took it to another country that at least has very strict handgun licensing requirements.

    I want to see them facing charges in both countries of illegal possession of a firearm.

    I’m guessing that they will claim the “David Gregory loophole”.

    1. You bring up some very good points. The draconian gun laws that are already on the books didn’t stop these guys, so nothing probably will. They broke a metric ton of gun laws already on the books, and probably won’t be charged…

      However, I’m sure that the intention of the reporters was to scare everyone into thinking that “OMG, plastic pistols are everywhere, it’s only a matter of time before the shootout on the eurotrain begins! WE”RE NOT SAFE!!!” That is the spin that the mainstream media will go with for sure.

      Probably along with the message of, “We must regulate and filter the internet…” which what almost every politician and corporation wants right now.

      1. MrMaigo Avatar

        And what a shoot out it would be. You could get maybe 3 shots a minute? Assuming it didn’t just break.

      2. Rjackparis Avatar

        maybe they just really liked the idea of living in a V for vendetta world?

        1. MrMaigo Avatar

          Some times dystopia seems to be their dream world

  6. mount Avatar

    I could smuggle some 1911 grips on a train and, just like these guys, not have a functional firearm. Gasp: wood is undetectable by metal detector!

  7. Firing pin? oh you mean nail.

    1. MrMaigo Avatar

      Nails, Banned in Britain

  8. I love his trigger discipline..

  9. SittingDown Avatar

    He looks very “Vice.” LOL

  10. This is awesome, they just prove that small pieces of shitty soft plastic can go through a metal detector! Un-f***ing-believable !??!
    They don’t even have any balls, peace lovers hippies journalists. You wanna do something really bad ass, prove a REAL point, find an actual firearm, get it from UK to France (or the other way around, who cares), and then bring it to the police saying that this illlegal firearm has been smuggled through THIS way etc, so they can actually prevent it later.
    I saw a journalist (a woman, btw) do this once. She brought an AK + Magazines (full!) all the way back from Albania to France, in her luggage, in a bus. She had her hands on grenades too, but she found it too scary to put them in a bag. She was ready to explain it all (and face jail charges!!) to customs or whatever authority would have stopped her, but none did.
    And once in France she brought it the police, who fell off their chairs when they saw the rifle, and then took it away swiftly !


    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young


  11. The photo of the guy holding the plastic gun was photoshopped.
    Actually he was holding a dildo.

  12. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    HA! HA! Awesome! I bet the Euro-garbage have their panties all bunched up over this single-shot toy!!