Viewers Ask Dugan From CarniK Con Anything

Q&A with CarniK Con:

With Carnik Con, I know I’m going to be in for some LOLz even before I know what the video is about.  I hope they can keep that type humor level up for a long time.  Too many YouTubers start off strong then just burn out.

That dump pouch full of Skittles is definitely the move for Summer 2013 I’ll tell you that much.

CarniK-Con-YouTubeI love how a real restaurant actually let them do crazy shit there like deep-fry a handgun.

Pure gold.



8 responses to “Viewers Ask Dugan From CarniK Con Anything”

  1. i have not laughed this hard in awhile. great video.

  2. HSR47 Avatar

    The sauteed then deep-fried pistol was pure comedic gold. The bit with the skittles was mildly amusing in a ‘twinkie twinkie cupkcake’ sort of way.

    The rest of it was a bit too retarded for my tastes.

  3. sapper911 Avatar

    Best carnik con video ever.

  4. He probably has a friend who works at or owns a restaurant, but even at that, I myself would have second thoughts about letting a friend do that kind of thing in my restaurant if I owned one haha.

  5. smush_click Avatar

    is that a framed picture of ryan gosling behind him?

    1. yeah, haha it made me laugh

  6. Smush, watch the surfing knob creek CarniK On vid

  7. Church Avatar

    I fucking love all carnik con videos!