MrColionNoir Is Black – Get Over It And Troll Harder

This vid feels really natural… off the cuff style with the humor and delivery:

hahah great job.  I like the ENDO Apparel and Tyson Beckford shout out as well.  FYI, Tyson Beckford follows me on Instagram!  You’ll instantly become better looking if you follow me on Instagram, trust me it worked for Tyson… you should see the modeling work that guy has been getting since.


I got a kick out of reading the comments on facebook about MrColionNoir’s Glenn Beck appearance, how people “didn’t recognize him” without a hat.  Something as minor as that really becomes part of an image / brand.



14 responses to “MrColionNoir Is Black – Get Over It And Troll Harder”

  1. “i can read (in the background “books even”)”

    Killed me.

  2. Hey, it’s normal people don’t recognize Mr. Colion Noir without his hat. People don’t even recognize Clark Kent without glasses.

  3. dave w Avatar

    oh liberals, you so raysist.

    1. Frank Avatar

      Honestly this is probably one of Noir’s better videos though.
      Again, focus on the real issue (FIREARMS).

    2. Franz Avatar

      They are also sexist, and bigoted.

      The pretty much project what the are on to people they disagree.

  4. mlk18 Avatar

    That was chocolatey goodness.

    1. Todd S Avatar

      +1… loved that line.

  5. I don’t care what someone’s color is. If they think gun control works, they need to move to Chicago.

  6. MosinMango Avatar

    …I suddenly want some chocolaty goodness.

  7. Frank Avatar

    I don’t like how people bring up the fact Noir is brown (or black, depending on your upbringing).

    We might as well call him a “Nigger” if we continue to poke, either in jest or maliciously, at his color. Bringing up his race/color whatever just takes away from the main focus, and in my opinion that is wrong. Noir is a human being, nothing more or less.

    For those not paying attention, the focus of Noir’s videos (ideally) is firearms.

    Ads for Noir might as well be the following if we continue to support his image because he’s black and not because we enjoy firearms:

  8. Al Cohol Avatar
    Al Cohol

    Fucking killed it on this one. So true. The only people who ever pointed out his skin color we’re left media outlets. And maybe a few trolls on YouTube.

  9. smoky Avatar

    This video has hit the nail on the head for a lot of the views I have had on the anti-gun crowd as of late. It is true that all these anti-gun politicians claim to be “progressive” and want “equality” for everyone, but they get offended when they see a minority that is for gun rights and tell us that the reason that women should not be allowed to be armed on college campuses is because it is too much responsibility for them to handle. There is clearly a double standard here.

    1. Franz Avatar

      If I might paraphrase Benson DuBois.
      Keep your equality, give me Freedom.

  10. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    I feel pretty well represented as a hat wearing gun owner right now. Lets keep the instagram talk to a minimum alright ha, this is supposed to be a respectable gun blog or something.