Neutered Capacity Magazines Could Get You Killed

Because 7 or 10 rounds isn’t enough sometime:

Was the video actually trolling, demonstrating that 9mm doesn’t have effective stopping power? *shots fired*

Jokes aside, the video did a fine job of illustrating the point… I felt it could have been 30 seconds long rather than 2 minutes though.  People that are against regular capacity magazines and for gun control need to start seeing this type of commercial on TV thrown into rotation with the regular commercials they are used to seeing… then it might cause some change.

gang-starr-full-clipI applaud the effort of the “production company” that made this.  I see they are trying to raise $1,000,000 dollars on indiegogo for a TV series, LOL’d good luck with that.  I suppose stranger things have happened.  Contribute if you’re interested, because it’s off to a real slow start.



15 responses to “Neutered Capacity Magazines Could Get You Killed”

  1. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    Still seems campy. Good effort, but we can do better.

  2. croppedxout Avatar

    Meth… not even once

  3. Terry Avatar

    Makes a good point….It is not unusual for multiple attackers to be involved.

  4. I recall growing up seeing something similar on TV endorsed by the local police department. “Keep firing until the threat is completely stopped.” Times sure have changed.

    1. Yeah, that’s what they train their officers to do too (fire until they empty the magazine).
      People who don’t understand that always question why, in high profile shootings, the police shot so many times when 2-3 rounds would have sufficed

      1. Tell me about it. The worst lot are those educated via movies and TV show who go, “why didn’t they just shoot the gun out of his hand?!”

  5. ringo45 Avatar

    Back up mag?

    1. Back up mag? — ringo45 May 2, 2013 at 03:24 pm

      My preferred home defense is a lasered Mossberg. I have a grab bag with loose rounds.

      What is your home defense weapon and how many rounds do you have? Are the backup mags stored with the grab to go gun?

  6. Frank Avatar

    This video is why I carry two guns, or spare mags, while wearing my NEW YORK RELOAD shirt.

    I also use hot-loads to shoot through doors/walls/small children or ankle-biting dogs.

    I can’t take any chances when Jason, Freddy, the Department of Homeland Security, skin-heads, and/or just a regular burglar wants to make a surprise-torture-rape-murder visit.

  7. Did anyone else get an incredibly sickening and eery feeling in the pit of their stomach after watching this video…regardless of how good or bad of a production you thought it was? 7 round limit? Jesus Christ. The way things are going nowadays home invasions like this are becoming more and more a common occurrence. Stay safe guys. Don’t ever hesitate to do whats necessary to defend yourself and your loved ones.

  8. More rounds might have helped him. Shooting with his eyes open definitely would have helped him.

  9. John, police officers are not trained to empty their mags. That is actually highly unlikely in officer involved shootings. Just the ones that get highly publicized by the media.

    Nick, ALL crime in the US is on a slow by consistent decrease, contrary to what the news or masses may have you believe. Each year since 2007 burglaries in the US have decreased anywhere from 1.3%-3.3% per year.

    FBI Uniform Crime Report is a great place to get facts and stats on any type of crime in the US. That and NIBRS.

  10. Saxon Avatar

    I always say that its ridiculous to outright ban the civilian ownership of any type of weapon (except for nukes/radiological weapons) because the fact is that you never know what the hell you will NEED until you find yourself in a bad situation. Thats why the Second Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear ARMS shall not be infringed”, because it clearly implies everything from Hi-cap AR-15’s to literal bear arms. Dont forget, people could buy anything they wanted until 1934, and the owners of assault weapons and heavy weapons were generally NOT going around killing people and committing crime. As gun owners, we should be demanding the repeal of virtually every weapons law!

    1. Renegade_Azzy Avatar

      Lets not get into the silliness of how certain knives are not observed under the same principle.

      1. Saxon Avatar

        I agree that knife laws are ridiculous too, considering that sharp, pointy, and bladed weapons have been around ever since the dawn of mankind! God forbid that a man has a spring loaded knife, he’ll destroy the Sun!