I Hate Glocks Part II

absuperman follows up with a part two:

16 minutes long!  hahah oh man.. the characters he plays are priceless.

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-Jewelry5:40 – Best character ever.

If you didn’t catch his original video, I Hate Glocks Part I watch it NOW!



6 responses to “I Hate Glocks Part II”

  1. Not for nothing but “safe action” means the “action” is safe – drop safe and such.

  2. Funny vid, good entertainment. (Yes Glockesters – it’s just entertainment) So let me throw my $.02 in even though no one cares! I too do not like nor care for a Glock. All the same reasons, but look and feel are the biggest. On look: yes it is blocky and ugly. But notice the gaps in the slide and slide rail – why do they vary? IMHO a tool should be precisely built and that looks like a poorly built gun. On feel: When I’m with a woman I want her to FEEL like a woman; and when I am firing a handgun I want it to FEEL like a handgun. FOR GOD SAKE IT IS A PLASTIC GUN!! But if rubber blow up dolls were your thing I guess it wouldn’t matter….

  3. Lol. The first guy behind the keyboard is like Golem.

  4. CharlieBravo Avatar

    Lost it at the “Hi-Point and a dog turd” comment.

  5. I keep Lincoln Logs in my Tactickle Buckets

  6. czbeardly Avatar

    absuperhuman characters are quite funny to be honest. Handguns owners will always be on their side of their favourite manufacturer, much like car enthusiasts , sportsfans etc etc.

    My shooting buddy picked up his first 9mm a few months ago, a Gen 4 Glock 19. We went to the range so that he finally test it. After shooting for a while I said: “hey, you havn’t tested my CZ Shadow yet have you, lets switch for a few mags”.

    The look on his face after his first few shots was those of “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU – why did I buy a glock!” True, with a minus connector and some tough love, his trigger has approved alot. I do like the ergonomics on the Glock, but I find it to slippery (when wet!) I have serious troubles hitting anything well with it. I am far from über with my Shadow, but atleast I find Everything about it from fitment & quality better… since I am obvoiusly a CZ fanboy!