Knob Creek Survival Guide

Carnik Con gives us the ins and outs:

hahha this guy always delivers.  I especially enjoyed the type of animals each gun was designed to kill.


Pretty sad that only one guy they asked was willing to do an interview with him.  I hope it was because they didn’t want to be on YouTube though, not because they don’t have a sense of humor.



5 responses to “Knob Creek Survival Guide”

  1. USSMunkfish Avatar

    This guy is awesome, mostly for reasons I have yet to comprehend. I can only imagine how non gun people would process this dude’s videos.

    “Face shoot the fuckers” Hah!

  2. Let’s sum up what we all learned today:

    The Stoner 63 is sexy.
    5.56 is suitable for aliens.
    APDS tank rounds are suitable for whales.
    20mm is suitable for cats.
    M79s are designed to break in horses. (There were horses in Vietnam? Didn’t know that.)
    M67 grenades are excellent fishing devices.

    I fucking love America.

  3. …….one more wicked awesome video away from a subscribe.

  4. I just want to spend one day with this guy. Awesome!

  5. We saw these guys filming the intro as we drove in. I wanted to yell out the window, but I couldn’t remember their channel name.