I Need An AR-15 Because F You That’s Why

Aaargo Jay tells the story of why he needs an AR-15:

Man, shit gets mad real in Jay’s hood… it’s a good thing he had that AR ready to go.  The only problems in my former or current hoods are when kids cut across the old man’s lawn and they get yelled at, or one person’s dog aggressively lunges at another persons dog and the one guy almost spills his caramel macchiato all over his $5000 suit *COME ON!*

Aaargo-Jay-YouTubeThankfully I don’t have any stories of why I “Need” an AR-15.  If I like the look of a gun, hear good things about it and think I’ll enjoy it, I buy it.

Jay is wearing the Defend Freedom t-shirt from ENDO Apparel



35 responses to “I Need An AR-15 Because F You That’s Why”

  1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    Funny thing is, I lived in a great neighborhood… Those assholes were looking for my upstairs neighbor. The whole thing was over some chick he was screwing. I almost got fucked up or fucked somebody up over some poon-tang I never even got!!!

    1. I do wonder what kind of woman who can mobilise 15 angry young men in this day and age. Was you neighbour screwing Helen of Troy?

      Damned good you got out of the situation in one piece, strange world we live in.

  2. Ralph Wiggam Avatar
    Ralph Wiggam

    man if you live where 15 dudes mob up on you like that, its time to roll. court cases and lawyer fees can break the bank.

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      Needless to say, I’m not there anymore… It was a great area, but they came specifically for my neighbor… Hell, that was just the biggest incident at the house because of him. He was problem starter…

      1. Understatement of the year award goes to: Aaargo Jay!

        Glad to hear you were alright and had your AR. Stay safe and keep making the great videos!


  3. Dude is biting ColionNoir, from the presentation right down to the mannerisms.

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      Wow!! Not at all… In fact I stared this because of him…. Was inspired by him. But my ideas are my own. Mannerisms my own. AND, I started on the white screen, he didn’t use that until recently… What a tool you are… Just because I’m a black guy with education and common sense enough to be responsible with my guns and try to get the word out to the public about our 2A plight, I’ve got to be bitting. It’s assholes like you that help to keep us pro gunners down. If we can’t come together as a united front of all colors, then we are lost. But I’ve got a video coming just for jerk offs like you though, so stay tuned…

      1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
        Aaargo Jay

        If you would do your damn homework, you would have seen the video that gives him the credit for inspiring me… Now excuse me while I turn my back and listen to real people of importance…

      2. SittingDown Avatar


      3. Thicken up Jay, there will always be critics. Just keep telling your story, and the right people will find you. If you feed the trolls even a nibble, they will grow into a full time job.

        Look at James Yeager for an example of what happens when you spend too much time chasing critics.

        1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
          Aaargo Jay

          You are right… They really don’t bother me that much… I just get a kick outta talking mad shit… I’m kind of an asshole myself!!! Thanks for the words of wisdom though!! The YeagerMeister, WOW! I can’t let that happen…

      4. Antiquated Flatulence Avatar
        Antiquated Flatulence

        Dude, great video. I will be subscribing to your channel on you tube. Stay safe and be careful.

    2. Is FateofDestiny biting from ColionNoir? How about any of the other firearms vloggers? Why single Aargo Jay out, hmm?

      Dude, this isn’t Highlander. There can be more than one firearms vlogger. In fact, I hope we are seeing the beginnings of a trend. The more people who share their personal experiences this way, the better.

      Plus, it was a compelling story.

      1. +1 for, “There can only be one,” reference.

      2. Aaargo Jay Avatar
        Aaargo Jay

        Thanks.. This is not the first time I had to deal with this kind of ignorance… Check out my CHANNEL comments.

    3. What’s with the undercutting? Who cares? Does his delivery reduce the impact of his message? The more folks we have out there presenting their educated opinions, the better. Lord knows there are enough idiots spouting unsupported “facts” or emotional pleas on both sides of this issue. There are a great many other, less serious topics you can go troll.


    damn ese, xxx shut downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. That’s a good-looking rifle. Keep the videos coming.

  6. Sounds like the Mil or Racine. good times

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      The Brew!!!

      1. hehe…glad to read you got the heck out of that neighborhood. Keep on keepin on

  7. MakoGroup Avatar

    Good Work Jay. Put your hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us

  8. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    Thanks to all who watched my vid and subscribed!!! Even if you didn’t sub, thanks for your time… I guess I should thank the haters too. Without them, I wouldn’t know I was do the shit right!!! PEACE!! Stay safe and stay the course!!!

  9. Aaargo Jay,


    I don’t care what, where, who, or why you came to the side of liberty. I grant it’s nice to know that I’m not alone. It may have to be the 2A that is the start of taking back our rights. But that is the first thing is not lose 2A because that is what will begin to stop the abuse of the rest.

  10. “And from that day forward, “xxx,” never showed up again on ENDO. At least, not with the same name.”

  11. Fuck the haters, I like this guy. I like his EDC vid especially.

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      Thanks Bro!!

  12. thebronze Avatar

    Great vid, AJ!!

  13. czbeardly Avatar

    Respect for getting through a bad situation without ending up in a shootout. I guess the AR worked as one hefty deturrance device that day, and that alone make it worth having.

    Guessing my neighborhood is a world apart from this, My 3 neighbours are a) Milf that works at the police station, b) 26 year old hottie, and a c) a 89 year old lady that is silent as a mouse.

    Even though we have a totally diffrent gunculture here in Sweden (being a IPSC shooter myself) I fully understand why you fight so hard for your rights of gun ownership. Peace out!

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      Thanks for check me out and the well wishes… This was three years ago and I have since moved… But I think people make the generalization that because a large number of guys were there and that I’m black, that I lived in a poor neighborhood or some inner city shit hole, where crime was an everyday thing. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth. It was a great upper middle class neighborhood with progressive families of all races. We never had incident until my upstairs neighbor moved in. It was never about the neighborhood. “He” was the reason this drama happened and more. It was all over a girl and her angry, jealous ex-boyfriend. The story is to show that you never know when you going to need to protect yourself and where!! Stay safe and stay the course!!

  14. I like this dude. Good ambassador for the reasonable and intelligent 2nd amendment advocates.

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      Thanks for watching my vids!!!

  15. GOB!