Israeli Range Ballerinas

You’re probably not operator enough to understand this:

Operators operate with so much finesse over in Israel.  I wonder if like their nice clothing, that finesse with someday also reach our shores?  I see the vid is watermarked 2002, so god only knows how fancy they are now.  My guess is it would embarrass the shit out of us and our standard tactical training.

I put so many moves from this vid in my long term memory.  You’ll notice to look the coolest you have to roll with a tight crew that all dresses the same; absolutely crucial.


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  1. I will say this, though I think some of their moves are a little weird, at least unlike most of the stupid range videos I didn’t see any real safety violations. Probably the most questionable thing they did safety was the guy climbing out of the car window.

    1. SnJohnson Avatar

      It took me a while to understand what they were doing, but form wise it’s actually pretty sound. It’s basically a modified isosceles stance which would give good accuracy and recoil management. The whole handwave deal? I’ll get back to that one when I learn Hebrew.

      1. DL2P-Sobe Avatar

        The video is pretty old. As far as I can tell, most Israeli do not carry their pistol hot (+1 in chamber). And as far as the hand that is waving, it is suppose to be a distraction for their opposition in close quarter. It is pretty difficult to draw your weapon, chamber a round and move your hands away from your body and finish with a 3 body shots. Their methods might not be what everyone is used to, but it is interesting to learn and know. Instead of being to critical about their style, pick up the best that they have to offer and adapt to your own. To each its own.

  2. New Order – Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)

    At least the music was good.

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  4. Zacharius Avatar

    No saftey violations? Check 00:10 – 00:24. I would hate to shoot at your range….

    1. That was done dry. So compared the safety violations normally seen it is pretty tame.

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  5. Mountain Avatar

    Damit dude, the fuck are are having me watch?

  6. Fallschirmjäger Avatar

    1:25 … Gangnam style???

  7. Any reason it’s titled in Turkish and not Hebrew? Are we sure these are Israelis?

    1. It’s a Turkish guys who got training in Israel.

      1. Oh, ok. I did notice some Hebrew on one of the targets upon re-watching.

        Do they make their Navy operators learn synchronized swimming?

  8. dgdimick Avatar

    The only responce I can think of:

  9. Harry Sucio Avatar
    Harry Sucio

    Team Mom Jeans?

  10. thatturahguy Avatar

    I’d like to see them try this using that Israeli Army battle casualty harness from some months back…

  11. Israelis think they have the best shooting system ever yet they carry without a round in the tube. #FuckingStupid

    1. SnJohnson Avatar

      Not a very intelligent comment on your part. Israel isn’t the U.S., their soldiers are constantly intermingling in the cities with civilians on a daily basis with their firearms. This isn’t a CCW personal carry responsibility issue, this is a military level decision to reduce the chance of ND or stolen firearm attack.

      Use your brain before speaking, it won’t hurt.

  12. MakoGroup Avatar

    Theme song from blade!

    Stone washed High Sierras and trucker hats? Now that is my kind of uniform!!!

  13. Mom Jeans…..epic comment!