MrColionNoir On The Background Check Support Poll

He does a good job of breaking down the bullshit people fall for:

Yea exactly, they just rigged the poll to have the results show what they wanted them to show.  Someone with money should troll them by hiring several polling companies and actually asking proper questions such as the “registration of firearms” one MrColionNoir brought up…. then we will see what’s up.



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    Could some explain the walking dead referance, I was done with zombies when walking dead happened?

  3. Took an advanced stat class at university and the prof was adamant about “make sure you understand the context of the statistic given and teh agenda behind the numbers” Typical examples were “X number of people die everyday due to domestic violence/guns/overdosing on salsa. So we must ‘do something’ about [issue du jour]. But ask yourself are we having X+1 people born everyday to offset the decline caused by ODing on salsa”

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    And he’s not explaining this elsewhere because…..??? TS