Buck Yeager May Get His Carry Permit Back


According to a Nashville, Tennessee news station:

A general sessions judge in Benton County ruled last week that the state didn’t have enough evidence to suspend James Yeager’s carry permit.


Oh the LOLz.  Not enough evidence?  The man stated “I am going to start killing people” on video, and then put it on the internet where it went viral and showed up on every major news station.  If he gets his carry permit back I am officially donning my tinfoil hat.  Oh because he half-ass “apologized” he can get it back?  Please.  If you ask me that’s setting a dangerous precedent.  Since when does an apology wash away things like that?  Initially there was speculation that Yeager probably didn’t give a shit about his “permit” being suspended anyway because as a former LEO he was apparently still authorized everywhere under LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act)… can’t confirm this though.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the state appeals the judges ruling.

Speaking of Yeager, he’s really running out of ideas for his vids.  First there were a bunch of Derp Jacket Firearms ones (Neva Been Done Befo’ shit for real), and now there are some useless rants about gay rights and drugs etc… Hardly as cutting edge and abrasive as he used to be.  Maybe now that’s he’s a grandpa he’s trying to settle down?  I’m still waiting for the video of when he’s supposedly going to take his baby grandson shooting and let his little finger pull the trigger.  That should raise a sufficient shit storm (I hope).

God I missed the post picture.  I used to crack up at it every time I used it, which pretty much ended up being daily when Yeager was at his bat-shit-crazy peak.


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44 responses to “Buck Yeager May Get His Carry Permit Back”

  1. Actually I’m 100% fine with this. Yeager has done some nasty and ill-advised things. If the state sees him as a threat charge him with crimes in a court of law, then they can take his permit…or his freedom with jail/prison time.

    Until then, its just infringement of rights without due process.

    1. +1

      Yeager basically is against gun-control, such as the president by-passing congress to “ban” assault-rifles/weapons/women.
      He’s also against confiscation.

      Just remember not too long ago people were rounded up from their own countries, moved to Poland, and mass-executed. Don’t you worry, it’s only a shower. For your clothes here’s a pretty flower. DIE on organic poison gas.

      I’m keeping the tin-foil on until the economy gets better, and all senators, congressmen, and the president submit to frequent hair sample drug testing.

  2. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
    Never Go Full Yeager

    Good, now he can go back to making video rants about his haters, and how he will kill anyone “who has the balls to say it to his face!” I miss his weekly rants and chest thumping. The guy is unintentionally hilarious, and he is completely oblivious to it. I noticed right after he made his video with his lawyer, he was trying to clean up his image and be less brash and abrasive. If he gets his permit back, I give it one month before he explodes again. Like he says “haters make me famous!” Only this time we’ll see what happens after his last incident.

    1. Yeager is a skidmark on the gun owning community, he really needs to go to jail.

      1. What has he done that would qualify him for Jail time? Being an asshole or a Troll on the Internet isn’t a crime.

        If you have ever visited his website, you’d see the same POV there as in his Videos; unless you’re like the libtards who never look into things like this and just wisper among themselves about how evil Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Guns are.

  3. He has been gone? Shit I didn’t notice….

  4. I am done with this site. I should have dropped your sorry asses long ago.

    Yes, Yeager had a negligent discharge of the mouth. I saw it 2 minutes after he posted the video. It wasn’t up very,ong before he realized his mistake and took it down. It was sites like THIS ONE that stole and propagated the video just to serve their own sites and need for attention. It was sites like THIS ONE that drew the negative media attention.

    Yeager is responsible for his words. He took that responsibility and tried to make things right. He has also given much to the organizations and events trying to fight for our 2nd amendment rights. He has give his personal time, labor and money. What have you done other than postin warmed- over YouTube vids and news posts?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      *pours out liquor* I’ll miss you bro. You really should have quit wasting your time here a long time ago.

      I haven’t done shit! I’m assuming that question was rhetorical but I answered it anyway.

      1. Church Avatar

        Boom! That’s why I love you Mike. No homo, just bromo!

    2. SittingDown Avatar

      What the hell are you on about? LOL

    3. D Fresh Avatar

      Dam James …. You mad ??? LOL … Dont come here with your BS … The post is all TRUTH … You are a retard …. Quit trying to act like you are a badass .. Its easy to see that you are a PUNK … You and your game are WEAK ….. Yes it will be great to see what you stir up when you take your one month old grandson out shooting his new guns you bought him .. Get your ugly ass out and make that vid instead of coming here posing like you are someone else .. Like i said your game is WEAK …

    4. BBJones Avatar

      99% of the people who view this blog are fans of the 2nd Amendment. Yet, overwhelmingly the people who like this blog don’t like James Yeager or at least like to make fun of him. So how well do you think his messages are being received?

  5. dave w Avatar

    I gave up reading/ watching yeager when i realized his crazy vids were just view boosting trolling for youtube revenue.

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    “I’m still waiting for the video of when he’s supposedly going to take his baby grandson shooting and let his little finger pull the trigger. That should raise a sufficient shit storm (I hope).”

    Something tells me this will happen sooner rather than later:


  7. You people want to deny a fellow citizen his write to defend himself? Shooters really are our own worst enemies. If you side with the government on this you are a traitor.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      He threatened to “start killing people”. That normally raises more than some eyebrows.

      1. P. Allen Avatar
        P. Allen

        Yeager’s statement was nothing more than political hyperbole. The State of Tenneasee can not punish him for it.

        1. BBJones Avatar

          So when he said he was serious and he issued a contract for challengers to fill out was that hyperbole? Sounds like a plan to backup those words.

          1. P. Allen Avatar
            P. Allen


      2. Doesn’t matter. We know him better than the average joe does and in the context of that video most of us realize it was just pure emotion and that he really wouldn’t follow up on it. We should be defending our own not hang them out to dry.

    2. If anything it’s a much more responsible decision to be able to say “Hey, maybe THAT GUY shouldn’t have a gun, because he threatened to use it to kill some people”.

      1. You really to give the government the power to decide someone is “too dangerous” to own a gun without any sort of due process? Because that’s a real short road before a liberal politician decides that anyone who wants a gun clearly just wants to murder people and are too dangerous to own a gun. We already have that bill proposed in Florida that would require anger management classes if you want to buy ammo.

  8. Regulus Avatar


  9. It doesn’t matter though, former LEO, he probably carries under LEOSA.

  10. Regulus Avatar

    he is a damn CIA mole. thats the only reason he isn’t in a FEMA fuck camp right now.

    1. Spencer Avatar

      I doubt it. He’s more like the nose-picking retard a sniper lets live because he knows the bastard is gonna get his own friends killed. The feds have no reason to thump on him because he makes us look bad.

      FEMA camps… lol

  11. Lord knows I am not one of those individuals slobbering all over Yeager’s… ego, but it might be time to refresh ourselves on Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-1352:

    39-17-1352. Suspension or revocation of license.

    (a) The department shall suspend or revoke a handgun permit upon a showing by its records or other sufficient evidence that the permit holder:

    (1) Is prohibited from purchasing a handgun under applicable state or federal law;

    (2) Has not accurately disclosed any material information required by § 39-17-1351;

    (3) Poses a material likelihood of risk of harm to the public;

    (4) Has been arrested for a felony involving the use or attempted use of force, violence or a deadly weapon or a felony drug offense;

    (5) Has been convicted of a felony;

    (6) Has violated any other provision of §§ 39-17-1351 — 39-17-1360;

    (7) Has at any time committed an act or omission or engaged in a pattern of conduct that would render the permit holder ineligible to apply for or obtain a permit under the eligibility requirements of § 39-17-1351;

    (8) Has been convicted of domestic assault as defined in § 39-13-111, or any other misdemeanor crime of domestic violence and is still subject to the disabilities of such a conviction;

    (9) Is subject to a current order of protection that fully complies with 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(8); or

    (10) Has been judicially committed to a mental institution pursuant to title 33, chapter 6 or title 33, chapter 7 or has been adjudicated as a mental defective.

    About the only clause of that law Yeager could have possibly violated is “poses a material likelihood of risk or harm to the public”, and do you really want to go down the dark road where internet chest-thumping results in your HCP (or equivalent) being taken away?

    Amusingly, if they had revoked his permit because of his duel challenge, I would have no problems whatsoever, but revoking his permit on account of some idiotic YouTube videos with no actual actions to back them up? If that is not a “chilling effect”, I do not know what is.

    The dude is unquestionably an ass, but the state is getting way too trigger-happy with revoking permits.

    1. Levi B Avatar

      No way dude we need to lower the bar for revocation of licenses to show the anti-gun crowd how nice and frilly gun people are because we give in to give away others’ rights!

      Wait, has that worked for us before?

      ENDO is seriously obsessed with Yeager. Starting to wonder if you watch the porn star who looks like him and fantasize about being in it…

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        hahaha I am obsessed with anyone and everyone in the gun community that is as entertaining and crazy as he is… which isn’t too many people.

  12. I’m willing to bet that he filed it under “stage persona stuff” the same way an actor cannot be held liable for 99% of what they say in a televised interview, since it’s (surprise) all staged. Likewise, I don’t think he presents a legitimate threat (though i’d wager they have him going to some anger management or other stress therapy) and if nothing else he’s done us all a huge favor by reminding us that while you do have the freedom to speak your mind, you can be held liable for it made to look like an idiot forever.

  13. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    Question: Why is anybody on this blog site? Why come here in the fist place?
    Answer: Because we all love guns and anything related to them!! Plus the entertainment value of other peoples experience, experiments, knowledge, tutorials, and fails all captivate us! That’s why you(we) are here. It doesn’t matter if you are a Yeager dick-rider on hater, ENDO has the right to do, say, not say, post whatever they want. You should be just entering comment and opinions about Yeager, not ENDO. If ENDO was to talk shit about my vids and channel, it’s their right! I may not like it, but why look like a fool and combat someone else’s opinion about me, I could care less because it’s not going to stop what I’m doing, how I think or how I feel. Lastly, this is not about you and what you want to see. If you don’t like what’s posted here, don’t come here! I’m pretty sure ENDO will do fine w/o you. It’s called ENDO (Everyday No days Off), Not YODO (YO’ Dumbass Opinion)!! Grow the Fuck up and get out of your FAG BODIES!!!

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      Typo – Dick-rider or hater…

  14. dgdimick Avatar

    So let me see if I have this right. Endo-Mike, claims to be for the 2nd amendment, yet wants to limit the 1st? What did “crazy bat shit” (yes, I think he is crazy) say, that was not covered by the 1st amendment?

    Sorry, you can’t pick and choose what parts of the Constitution you want to support. This is not Burger King, you don’t get it your way.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      So the first amendment includes everyone being able to walk around uttering death threats? I’m seriously asking that question because I don’t know the answer.

      1. dgdimick Avatar

        It’s my understanding, that it’s OK, to call for killing people; I don’t condone it. Look at the racists running around calling for killing people, however, if you name someone by name, then it would start to go into a gray area. With this said, you still can’t yell fire in a theater.

        The 1st amendment is “weird” about a number of things – not a lawyer here, I just read a lot about these types of things.

        1. BBJones Avatar

          An expert in Bird Law here.

          We are not talking about what is constitutionally allowed as speech under the 1st Amendment. We are talking about the ability of Tenn. to regulate concealed Carry in their state. Is what JY said in violation of the current Tenn. law is the question? Don’t know and don’t care.

          Another question might be if Tenn. law is reasonable and permitted under the US Cons.? Yes threats of violence using CC weapons could be seen as a reasonable threat to the public. I doubt there would be much of a 1st Amendment case because they would not be limiting his ability to continue this type of speech but only not allowing him to CC (note they never went after his ability to own firearms).

          This isn’t even a constitutional question. Tenn. does have the right to allow/limit conceal carry and setup rules for how it does so as long as they don’t violate US or Tenn Cons. There has been no interpretation of the 2A that it mandates states allow CC or how their CC laws can be written.

          Case closed. All the wanna-be Constitutional lawyers can drop it.

        2. It’s my understanding that death threats is one of those things you cannot do under the First Amendment. Death threats, bomb threats, screaming “fire” in a crowded city, etc.

  15. dgdimick Avatar

    I think we all agree, that Yager is a “Crazy Person”, and his mental health needed/needs to be evaluated before he was allowed to continue with a CC. He doesn’t represent responsable gun owners.

    1. Who the fuck are you to say who he represents outside of himself?

      Yeager ONLY represents himself. Anyone who thinks he’s the rep for the second amendment is a moron, especially since the question that should come to mind is whether or not his first amendment rights were being exercised within the confines of the law. He was giving political commentary.

      Do rapists with dicks represent all males? No.
      Stop grouping people together you fascist opportunist.

  16. Spartacus Avatar

    Endo mikes a fucking coward probably some fat fuck still livin in his moms basement jerking off to YouTube vids, get a fucking life or just kill yourself please you’re embarrassing yourself

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Cool story bro haha.

    2. SittingDown Avatar

      Go back to wearing “Reno 911” shorts and riding in chariots.

  17. saw a vid today that he got it back. Shouts out his lawyer, then reads a “formal statement” that was probably part of an agreement. He also mentioned that he has a former LEO right to carry anyway, that usurps the (non)presence of any permit. Unsure if that’s true (usurpation.)

    But yeah, he’s back and permitted according to his videos

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