Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun

Joerg Sprave tries his hand at helping out the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation:

hahah man that guy has a lot of fun with his vids.  Something tells me though, that he won’t be seeing that $100k anytime soon.  Maybe he should put a micro computer on it, run MS Windows and have it do some calculations and what not.  I’m thinking that the Windows install might grease the wheels a bit.

Joerg-SpraveCome for the vid… stay for his awesome laugh. He is seriously never going to run out of epic ideas.



5 responses to “Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun”

  1. $10 says this ends up appearing in some freaky German BDSM porno.

  2. Gives new meaning to cock the gun, don’t it?

  3. Going through several of those endscreens, this guy is awesome in his concepts! He will be on my youtube subscriptions!

  4. Critter Avatar

    i want to say something witty but i keep crossing my legs for some reason.

  5. “This might sting a little”

    This is by far, his best video ever.