Colorado Sheriff Grinds His Feet On Obama’s Couch

Sheriff Shayne Heap of Elbert County Colorado:

Well spoken guy.  I can’t say I disagree with anything he says.


Hat tip: Miguel


7 responses to “Colorado Sheriff Grinds His Feet On Obama’s Couch”

  1. The Other Andrew Avatar
    The Other Andrew

    Colorado pride baby.

    Gotta love my state’s Sheriffs.

  2. Church Avatar


  3. Nicely done.

  4. Nakedgun Avatar

    Nailed it. Hopefully, it gets forwarded to the Colorado Legislature and Obamas White House.

  5. +10

    Very smart logical response.

  6. PAPAG30RG10 Avatar

    Great speech…. horrible chroma-key (green screen, for the less informed).

  7. When you have a Muslim president who wants to shape our country into a Socialist/Communist country base on Europe, this is what you get.
    I hope all of you that voted for Obama get exactly what you want!
    The only thing I can say is IMPEACH OBAMA