30 Is Standard – Don’t Tread On Magazine Capacities

AaargoJay takes a look:

AaargoJay-YouTube-Magazine-CapacitySummary: If we want infinity round magazines, or 1 round magazines we should have the choice.

Jay is wearing the Standard Capacity 30 Rounds T-Shirt from ENDO.  It’s got that slick “football numbers” back print on it he shows at the end of the video, which people really seem to be liking.

Thoughts? Are you willing to make any concessions on magazine capacity?


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  1. I have kind of the same thought on drums. They’re large, which makes them cumbersome, hard to carry, and hard to swap out. They’re expensive as hell, they mostly unreliable from my understanding, and I’m sure we can come up with more reasons. I have no desire to own a drum that holds marginally more than a few $10 magazines for $100 or more.

    But what about 40 round AR-15 magazines? Or Surefire’s 60 and 100 round mags? Or the light, (somewhat) cheap drums for .22 conversions?

    The anti-gunners love to make the argument about reloads being the big reason behind magazine limits. “If we can just make a mass shooter reload, someone can rush them!” So are we going to see mag couplers or Redi-mag type devices banned when a limitation on magazine capacity is made?

    How about devices like Norgon’s magazine extenders that Turn a 30 round P Mag into one that carries 42? Granted right now the few examples are either too expensive or too fragile, but you can easily homebrew something like that for a reduced capacity magazine.

    Hell, I have two 10 round magazines for my S&W 15-22. Turns out they’re just factory pinned 25 round magazines that are all too easy to convert to standard capacity (which I’ve done, living in a free state).

    Magazine capacity limitations are pointless.

  2. I wouldn’t say ban any size mag, or the drums. If someone wants to pay for them why can’t they have them? The fact that I don’t trust them and wouldn’t buy them is my choice. That someone wants them and buy them is their choice.

    As for capacity limits — there are millions of standard size mags out there already and not a single one is registered. Then there is the fact that a youtube video can teach you to make your own.

    That is a little part of having liberty.

  3. I agree with the drums and beta mags etc. They are toys that are mostly unreliable and expensive to feed. So if they vanished i wouldnt care.
    The problem is if you give them 100 drums, when that does nothing to stop crime it will be 50 rnd, then 30, then 10….

  4. I like how he says its selfish to tell people what they need just after saying we don’t need drums.

  5. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    Happy Easter and thanks for watching! FYI, I never said that I want them to ban any thing, I just don’t care because I don’t like the, personally. And I said “I” don’t need them in my life. Gotta listen…

  6. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    And furthermore, I did also say that it doesn’t make sense to ban HI CAP mags, and that it is “selfish” to put limitations on any mag, drum, paper bag, or whatever. I also said that it is selfish to dictate what people choose to own, carry or use.

    Aaargo Jay

  7. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    I don’t care for the super-large magazines, but I still do think people should have them if they want them. Sorry, Aaargo Jay, I have to unsubscribe.

  8. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    @hnl.flyboy… do what you must, but like I continue to say, I never said ppl should not have them. I said “”I don’t like them. But then again, if you had listened you would have heard the real message. Plus I wrote in the description that no person should be denied what they want… Geez!!

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      typo… “I”

  9. You know I guess what gets me going as a “zealous” gun owner is that someone who is supposed to stand up for 2a arguments would compromise anything let alone hi cap mags. If thats what you use your platform for you wont go real far. We have been compromising for the last 100 years and look where the fuck that’s gotten us.

  10. MakoGroup Avatar

    Jay, you indeed never said that people should not have them (100 round drums). But what you did say was that you did not mind if they were banned. I don’t understand how you can say that 30 rounds is ok or “just fine” and then make the determination that it would be ok if they banned 100 round drums. If you’re looking at it from a reliability perspective, there are lots of brands of 30 round standard capacity mags that have proven to be unreliable in the AR weapons platform. My point is that although you think 100 rounds might be unnecessary, and 30 rounds just fine, there are legislators that think that 10, 15, and 20 rounds is unnecessary, and that 7 rounds is just fine. We cannot give the people who want to strip our rights away even an inch of ground. Because when we do, they parade it around as a banner of acceptance amongst us 2A supporters. Look what they are doing with Ret. General McChrystal, he has been on almost every major media outlet stating that we don’t need the deadly AR weapons platform. Just trying to help you out brother. We have to stand unified and if “they” hear someone on our side of the fence saying that they don’t “mind” if something is banned, they will play that over and over and over. Keep up the great work!