Bill Whittle Holds A Virtual State Of The Union On Gun Control

This is amazing:


I’ve posted some Bill Whittle videos before… the guy just makes sense.  Nothing beats proving your point with solid analogies and facts.  His delivery is on point too.

He should have finished that up, dropping the mic on the floor and saying “Checkmate”.


Hat tip: Andy


14 responses to “Bill Whittle Holds A Virtual State Of The Union On Gun Control”

  1. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    Eric holder’s fuckin face.

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      ….needs to be smashed with a brick, much like Nancy Grace’s

      1. elephantrider Avatar

        How did Piers Morgan get left out of the brick/face list?

        1. Jeremy Clarkson took care of that for us already not with a brick but with his fist.

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    Whittle needs to change his name to MrWhittlionBlanc

    1. Nah, he’s TactiFlanders.

  3. Church Avatar

    This is exactly why I don’t understand how banning guns is even in question. If people used facts and logic there would be no question.

    1. You actually the the left is using facts and logic? They are still trying to say the AWB worked.

  4. Bravo! I’ve never seen him before and that was awesome.

  5. “Laddies and gentlemen, I know, in this hour of sadness we all feel compelled by the best intentions of our humanity to ‘do something’ to avert another tragedy. But it because we feel urged to ‘do something’ that we must do nothing, until cooler heads previal. It is a sad American traditon, that when our leaders ‘do something’ that ‘something’ is to restrict the rights a liberties of Ameritican citizens who were in no way associated with the motivating tragedy. After the outbreak of the Civil War, President Lincoln ‘did something’ and suspended Habeus Corups. An act that was eventially declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. FDR ‘did something’ after Pearl Harbor and sent thousands of Japanese Americans to interment camps. President George W. Bush ‘did something’ and passed the PATRIOT act allowing the use of warrantless wiretapping against American citizens. If we ‘do something’ now, I promise you, we will not prevent another mass shooting, we will not reduce gun crime at all, all we will do is erode the freedoms and liberties of law abiding American citizens. The best thing we can do at this moment is to ‘do nothing,’ less we destroy freedom in the coutry out of a heartfelt desire to ‘do something.’”

  6. frank rizzo Avatar
    frank rizzo

    Love me some Whittle. He has a few different outlets he puts stuff out to. In his Firewall series, Eat The Rich, I made a point to passed it along to low information voters with the hope that maybe one, just one would see the light.
    Eat The Rich:

  7. Been watching Whittle for several years now. The man is calm, cool and collected.

  8. Dude killed it, @endomike I agree with the mic drop for sure. Solid video