Vigilant Spectre Winter Vehicle Ops

I gotta tell you fellas, you got what appears to be a dynamite idea *shifty eyes*:

Combining the Vigilant Spectre group with moving vehicles, ice, snow, and firearms seems to me like a deadly cocktail… but hey I just operate from cozy armchairs, so really what do I know?  After reading their disclaimer though I was really put at ease haha:

Disclaimer: THE ACTIVITIES DEPICTED IN THIS VIDEO CARRY A HIGH RISK OF SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR DEATH. VSO does not advocate the emulation of high risk behaviors. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME! Viewer discretion is advised.

Translation: You’re not operator enough to attempt what we do in the video.  Fall back you newbs.  Ask your mom’s permission before you even view this shit… we are THAT hardcore.

You can go back through the Vigilant Spectre archives to see my opinions on their past tomfoolery.  I stand by what I said, but since then I have exchanged a few emails with Vigilant Spectre himself, and he actually seems like a good guy… I just never plan on shooting with him or his crew.  Basically I’ll summarize it by bastardizing / modifying a Bruce Dickinson quote from the SNL “blue oyster cult” skit… Vigilant Spectre of course as THE Bruce Dickinson:

I put my rifle on; the sling over one shoulder just like the rest of you… except once my rifle is on I do stupid shit.

We can talk about “is this good for gun owners? Is this bad for gun owners?” until we’re blue in the face.  Frankly in this case it looks like they are out in the middle of nowhere shooting into a ditch, and they all made the decision as adults to be there, so I don’t really care.  I wouldn’t want to be involved with something like this in any capacity, but that’s just me. If I ever win Powerball I’m buying Vigilant Spectre a small helicopter so they can kick this up a few notches.

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-OpsThe muzzle sweeping was pretty bad a few times, but they said that was ok because there was no round in the chamber (hopefully).

Does the mixing of several camouflages and fabric from several different eras drive anyone else nuts? haha



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  1. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
    Never Go Full Yeager

    Defenders Of The DERP!

  2. Still looks like fun regardless.

  3. thebronze Avatar

    Luckily they’ll be able to use ALL of their targets again…

  4. Overweight fucktards think real life is call of duty.

  5. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Man these guys sure like to waste ammo.

  6. Make sure you stay low in that truck bed so you get the full protection of that 18ga sheetmetal!

    Shame that they spent so much money on gear just to make up tactics and training.

    1. dgdimick Avatar

      Funny, I did see a .22LR go through the side of a Toyota Tundra the other day. It would have gone through the other car if it hadn’t hit the door frame.

  7. The Spectre Avatar
    The Spectre

    I think it is important to note that you really can’t do something like this without first performing a hazard analysis. If you don’t your chances of getting shot are much higher. That aside I want to address the statement of “Good or bad or gun owners”. Frankly I don’t give a damn for this reason, your mileage may vary:

    We don’t usually talk about the frame work the founders laid as obligating the citizen to do anything. Under the constitution of the United States of America it is your duty as a civilian to keep and bare arms. What does that mean? That doesn’t mean buy a shotgun and shoot ducks for fun (or fire blasts from your porch). If you didn’t do that when the document was written you didn’t eat. Bare arms means to carry and train. Yes, you have a obligation and a duty to own the most advanced weapon you can and be very damn good with it. A weapon is not just a gun, its a system. My choice is a custom Ar-15, it will not function without magazines. If you do not have a means to carry those magazines you are not fulfilling your duties. Likewise, if you don’t train with the system you are also skirting your obligation to your country. Back to my premise- you, the civilian are the final check and the most fair balance. You are the last line against tyranny; congress, courts, military, you.
    You are the last line against invasion; special forces, air/sea power, army/marines, you.
    You are the first and last line of defense of yourself and your family; you, your spouse, your child, police ETA 10+minutes.
    For all of these reasons you should be doing what I am doing. Whether it is popular or not, whether people will call you crazy it not.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to serve our country in uniform. I live with this every day, thus, I am reduced to what you see on screen, supporting them in real life, and I will use the voice I have been given to defend. I may not be able to shoot hajis in the head in the desert, but if they show up here looking for a fight you and I will show them who is boss.

    Likewise, now is not the time to be politically absent. The shit that is going on right now in this country should make you so mad that you have called/written every authority figure above you. The time for devision and derision has passed. We must put aside our differences. As you have seen ENDO and I don’t get along all the time. We have significantly different views on just about everything. Even we, can agree that we would really like to kick Dianne Fienstien (sp?Don’t care) in the face, put one in her leg, and that it is time to unite against tyranny.If you do not take 10 minutes out of your day say something we will be picked apart a piece at a time. They will start with my AR-15 (some of you will probably say, good), but then they are going to take yours. Then they are going to take your handguns, then your shotguns, then any bolt gun larger than a “insert retarded statute here”. We have seen it hundreds of times. People, we unite now with the pen or we let our kids fight the battle with BB guns and sticks.

    I have a video with a link to a website that makes it really easy for you to contact your people:

    Now that is said, hope you enjoy the show, and as ENDO reaffirmed: Take it slow with kind of stuff, this is not something you should try to do.


    1. derp

    2. Well, I respect it.

    3. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
      Never Go Full Yeager

      Cool Story, Bro!

    4. I admire the political sentiment, but there is real training out there for free on YouTube from Travis Haley, Clint Smith, Pat Rogers, etc. Why make up super dangerous and not terribly useful “training”? You’re free to shoot whatever you want however you want, but I’m not sure there’s much to take away from this sort of scenario (other than shooting while mounted is fairly futile unless you have an M240B).

      If you want real tactics and training, I suggest you download (for free!) an FM 7-8 and spend a few weeks reading it. None of it is super high speed, but it is a foundation for real training. I’m no John Rambo, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night (and two years in Afghanistan as an infantryman, once as an infantry squad leader).

      1. ^^^ Rambo for the win!

    5. You really need a girlfriend.

    6. “to keep and bare arms”
      “Bare arms means to carry and train”

    7. I farted in a bucket once.

  8. Johnny Come Lately Avatar
    Johnny Come Lately

    To be fair, the Brits have had fairly good results from mixing their camo in Afghanistan. Granted it’s just a mix of woodland and desert but given the variance of the terrain it makes sense. They also get to roll up their sleeves and wear shorts. It’s… it’s almost as if they’ve spent the last few centuries fighting in those areas and they have a decent grasp of what works.

  9. I’m no expert and I’ve only spent a few minutes thinking about it, but when they get in the back of the truck why not face backwards. Because the way he was sitting he could only shoot to the left side of the truck with out muzzle sweeping his buddies, and was very exposed; if he faced backwards in between reloads he could lay down offering a small about of cover and concealment, then do a sit up so that he could shoot again. if they’re are worried about threats in front of the vehicle why not have the person riding shotgun shoot at them. Could some one with more knowledge about the subject please explain how they think the best way to do it would be?

    1. The Spectre Avatar
      The Spectre

      Anon, I’ll take that one before anyone makes a big production about it. Since, ya know, I was there. It’s pretty simple really- MTB got pissed because the brass was drilling the windows of the truck. So we shifted the guy to the back.

      1. I’m not sure i described the shooting position well enough. Why doesn’t the guy in the bed of the truck face backwards, and plant their feet against the tailgate; even if someone was concerned with brass hitting the truck, it would still be less likely in that position. If SHTF did happen (I don’t think it will but that’s irrelevant) the brass hitting your truck would most likely fall back in, which could be collected, reloaded, and fired again. no matter how you slice it, leaning against the back doesn’t seem optimal.

    2. I spent a great deal of time in the back of a Ford Ranger, patrolling Nangahar, Laghman, and Nuristan provinces in Afghanistan. We had an early armored retrofit hummvee up front with an M2, then the soft skinned Fords behind. We did exactly what you said. The guy riding shotgun would keep a sector from roughly 12 to 3 or 4. The guy in back would watch 6 to 9, or 3 to 9 based on placement in the convoy. Later, we got another decent gun truck and I took over in the rear hummvee as a gunner in a proper turret.

      In any case, it is all but hopeless to fire a rifle from the back of a truck at any kind of distance. You’re probably just making noise and wasting precious ammo. Mounted machineguns do a lot better. When you roll in unarmored vehicles, speed is security. You’re better to mash the loud pedal than to waste ammo. If you’re training for SHTF (as Specter claims to be), there won’t be any gasoline for your 12mpg pickup, so mounted tactics won’t be any concern. Better start downsizing that kit, and buy a large ruck and a pair of comfy boots.

      These guys are welcome to go have fun in any way they choose, but this isn’t training. They shouldn’t try to pass it off as training, either.

      1. Generally speaking, you should either drive or shoot but not both unless of course you have a turret or your name really is Rambo.

      2. I stopped the video when I saw this dude shooting from the bed of a bouncing and moving truck….with a magnified optic…. Seriously, they need to preface their “training” videos with the following; “We’re just acting out fantasy like shooting scenarios based on COD game play and our own awesomeness…please do not take this seriously.”

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          What overkill556x45 and jpcmt said.

  10. I have absolutely no problem with guys running around the woods playing soldier, none at all. If I had that amount of land there’s a chance I’d be running around doing silly stuff too.

    What I have a problem with, is these guys acting like they know what they are talking about and spreading (mis)information online. They clearly haven’t had the training from any accepted source (Military/LE experience or respected civilian training courses), don’t know why you think you’re qualified to train us.

    Have fun, be safe, stop trying to teach us how to be soldiers.

  11. Why is it that every wannabe has to make cool guy videos and act all high speed and crap? You guys need psychiatric help honestly…I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. But you guys really need some professional therapy.

    It’s a job bro. You do your job, leave the soldiering to the soldiers. If you want to play soldier, great…it seems to me like you genuinely want to train to be the defenders of our homeland against invaders, blah blah blah….but all I see is the next tex grebner (The I just shot myself guy). Watch the video. It’s pretty good. He handles it ok afterward and tries to let people know what happened. He also has a “SPAZnas” push-up video. No shit.

    In all seriousness, get some professional training if you want to better yourself. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect. It ingrains bad habits. PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

    You go ahead and keep making videos, I’ll keep laughing. You guys are awesome personified. Lol


    1. The Spectre Avatar
      The Spectre

      Wow, you’re hard 0_o

      1. Offended by the truth?

      2. I’ve seen some of your stuff. I’m sure you guys are good, patriotic Americans. You are obviously intelligent since you’re a biologist. However, you don’t have to film it all for the world to see. Just sayin’

        If you put it out there, stand by…because you will be judged by those who know what they’re talking about. And some that don’t. Honestly, I find your stuff amusing. But serious? Not a chance. The money you spent on equipment and audio/visual could have gone to some outstanding training.

        You guys seem like nice people…like I stated. So have fun and keep the videos coming.

  12. I can’t believe these fat fucks are still making videos. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

  13. I think I’d suggest a contest where the party in question and their detractors could bare their arms and engage in fisticuffs (but no Load Bearing Equipment or bearing of arms inside the ring; the insurance company might bear too much responsibility). Bare knuckled brawling perhaps?

  14. I’d be happy to oblige. It’s good training right? Some judo and jits, a bit of Thai for good measure. I don’t mean it in a crappy juvenile way, but in a free training and lessons learned, humble sorta goodness. Like fight club…come one, come all, just some CQC H2H training. We start with a seven to ten mile run for warmup and then a few stretches and then train.

    Everyone is welcome. If guys in the Sacramento, CA area want to come down, we’d love to have some fun. We meet at 2530 River Plaza drive…it’s an empty lot at the end of a dead end street…every Saturday 0700 to 1300. Anything goes except the obvious nut shots and eye gouges and crap. No bad attitudes. It IS Full contact, all styles welcome. We aren’t out to hurt you…just teach you how to take pain. a mature and respectful, responsible manner.

    Again, it’s free…wear actual clothing you’ll be in when you may engage in CQC and bring some diapers just in case…don’t ask. We once had a guy involuntarily empty his bowels…ya he forgot to tap…so it was nap time and then…eeeewwwwww! No gloves, head gear, or any other comfort clothing. This ain’t the fucking gym. If you wear body armor, that’s how you show up.

    Come watch and if you like, hop right in!

    1. thebronze Avatar

      The first rule about CQC H2H Club is don’t talk about CQC H2H Club.

  15. Whoops. I was making fun of the bear/bare thing. Kind of silly to refer to the 2nd Amendment as ‘a right to keep and bare arms.’ (which is done twice in their response). Not sure what that means.
    Them’s be jokes, fellers!

    1. Ya I caught that. But it sounded like fun.

      1. Cool!

  16. Hard_Harry Avatar

    After watching more of their “training” videos, it would seem the main purpose of their group is to cram as much high dollar shit on their guns as possible and crack wise on one another while expending the maximum amount of munitions possible.

  17. Keen Observer Avatar
    Keen Observer

    If the “operators” continue this activity, eventually the driver will get his head blown off.

  18. Did you all notice the bullet holes in the side of the truck?

  19. Their next vid should be shooting from a boat trailer that’s being pulled by a car. Because when the SHTF not everyone has a truck. So they need to teach everyone how to shoot from that senerio. LMFAO

  20. This is just what the community needs more of: Amateurs passing themselves off as Subject Matter Experts.

    1. Did you seriously expect more from internazis!?

  21. To Vigilant Spectre, please pick ONE woodland camo and ONE winter camo. Combat garb is not supposed to look cool, its supposed to be effective at hiding your ass and making sure that you can identify friendlies instantly.

  22. You just made this marine become a gun grabber! Wow I am calling the NRA I need my membership removed you ruined the second amendment.

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