The Great Tannerite Bro Pipeline Disappointment

The idea was grand.  The outcome not as expected:

4:58 – LOL oops.  Lesson learned, lucky someone didn’t end up with a piece of something in their head.

Their 10 ft tannerite pipe worked fine… I guess 60ft was too long for the explosion to propagate?


There are a lot of suggestions on their youtube video comments on what to do to make that long one work, I have no idea if any of them know what they are talking about though.



11 responses to “The Great Tannerite Bro Pipeline Disappointment”

  1. try using a bigger DIA. of pipe…like 4 in. not 1 1/2… ;)

  2. …matter of time!

  3. I agree the 4 inch would probably work better. But the cost would be crazy.

  4. MatthewJames Avatar

    I shot 4 pounds of freakin tannerite and hid in a ditch while I shot it. Hope you guys weren’t as close as the video makes it seem!!!!!

  5. Dillankid Avatar

    Totally OT since I can’t comment on the Bear arms post…you need to find a way to make a New York edition :-) Something involving Cuomo and/or Bloomburg maybe…my thoughts are clear as mud, but I’ll buy it if you do something…lol…

  6. Dillankid Avatar

    On topic, I really need to try this tannerie stuff…I wonder how much it would take to cut a tree down?

      1. Dillankid Avatar

        Not bad, I could think of a few ways to probably more effectively knock the tree over though :-) Good start/test though :-D

  7. The failure of the explosion to propagate down the length of the pipe was probably due to a combination of inadequate pipe diameter, and the mixture being packed in too loosely.

    Double the inside diameter of the pipe, and come up with a better system to fill the pipe, and it’ll be more likely to detonate properly.

  8. As others have said it’s the diameter of the pipe. Every explosive has a critical diameter for it to sustain a detonation properly. For the ammonium nitrate explosives the diameter is pretty large (ANFO is ~4 inches). Not sure what it would be for tannerite, my guess it should be a bit smaller than ANFO since it is basically ammonium nitrate/aluminum powder so maybe 2-3 inches?

  9. Well thats one way to destroy your property value