The AR-15 Has No Place Whatsoever In Self Defense Situations

That’s the usual anti-gun / anti “assault rifle” rhetoric right?  Awwwwwww yeah str8 outta Detroit:

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It continues to astonish me how little value some people put on human life.  Those two useless bottom feeders you see in the video bust into that tax business thinking they were going to wave their pea shooters around and walk away with some cash.  WRONG.  Glad to hear the good guys were not worse for wear except for the wound suffered by the security guard.  It always grinds my gears when the bad guys live.  

I’d like to show this video to someone anti-gun and ask them what they think should have happened, rather than the security guard come out shooting.  If anyone answered “The police should have been called” I’d probably laugh for days.

I don’t really know much about the “tax preparation” business, but are there normally large amounts of cash laying around at places like that?  I figured it would be mostly paperwork.



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  1. I don’t think you need to be told where most of your readers stand on the issue of AR15s as self defense weapons.

    I’d presume this is one of those “instant” tax return places – in that case, safe to presume there was money around in some sum. People come in, get short term loans until their tax return checks come, and walk out with cash. That’d be my guess

  2. And while I don’t wish death upon anyone, I wouldn’t have felt bad if the perps died in this attempted robbery. Too bad if they do get caught they will be living for free on the taxpayer’s dime in the jail system. I guess that’s what they wanted, though – a free ride, and not having to work for anything

  3. As a security company owner, I can’t help but to watch this video in the same way a referee watches the Super Bowl on TV. Vigilance is not getting caught flat-footed. If you carry a primary and set it down, you better have a good secondary at hand. Grrrr…. Kudos for keeping the bad guy from winning, but don’t let me be the guy packing the leg wound, lest there be quite a bit more pain in the lesson of chilling in the back room with your weapon not in your hand. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Exhibit (Z) to prove complacency is what keeps you from going home at the end of the shift.

    1. Actually, in my opinion, this is more the fault of layout.

      Basically, the perps walked up the front steps, in through the open front door, and immediately produced firearms.

      Ideally there should have been some sort of vestibule with remotely controlled electronic locks on both doors; Short of that, the front door should have been closed and locked at the least.

      Beyond that, there should have been CCTV cameras *outside* the building so that the security could keep an eye on people approaching the entrance.

      In short, this wasn’t just the failure of the security guard.

      1. Well, all great and groovy. But the security officer doesn’t get to make the layout and the electronic security measures. As a security officer, you have to deal with the parameters that are available. Never is a security system ever ideal or pragmatic, ever. Therefore, the security officer MUST be alert to the environment he is in. Sitting in a back room with your rifle across a desk and in the corner, especially with no side arm, shows the effects of complacency on the part of the security officer.

        The client chooses the security set up and the security company with which to hire. The security officer chooses his level of awareness and what he carries. This guy’s awareness and armament was in conflict with each other.

        You described is a whole other level that was absolutely beyond the control of the security officer. No offense, your recommendations are ideal and would work. But think about this. If this guy was that complacent without all the techno-goodies, how more complacent would he be if he had those techno-goodies? Physical security is a dying art in those respects. We rely too much on cameras and electronic locks and rely less on the human effort that is truly the last line of defense. The same can be said for Sandy Hook. They had all the latest approved electronic security measures, but it did absolutely no good when it was needed. One word, and it is the biggest killer of anyone in the physical security business, public or private: Complacency.

  4. They weren’t after money, they’re after the SSN and filling information. It’s become an enormous racket in the south. Up 650% in two years. (My apologies for the Huffpo link, but seem to have the most up to date and accurate analysis of the trend)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s interesting/scary, I had no idea!

  5. First, Why would people start shooting, what was the cause, robbery? that quick, there must be some other angle.
    People say call the police, it takes them 15 minutes to show up, by then the perps are long gone.

  6. That security guard has quite the adrenaline surge; he’s right into the fight, but seems to be a little too amped up.

  7. Crunkleross Avatar

    It’s Detroit of course they be robbin the H&R Block in the hood. I’m pretty sure they were after the cash used for instant refunds I’m not buying they went in guns blazing for SS numbers. That security company has a nice ride for sure.

  8. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    “wild” shoot out?

  9. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    man why did they go with a legitimate security company instead of V.I.P.E.R.S. academy! think of all the great jokes then…………………

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I re-watched the video thinking it maybe was V.I.P.E.R.S. after you mentioned it. I see a phone number of the SUV but can’t make it out to google it. LOL at the “concealed weapons permit” fake badge decal on the outside. Pure gold…

  10. Avatar

    He should of had a double barrel shot gun. Then he would have been fine.

  11. Spencer wade Avatar
    Spencer wade

    Stupid fucking niggers

    1. Wait a minute. When did racism become acceptable?

  12. Not sure how relevant it is but here’s my two cents. The guard could only pursue to the door or property line isn’t that correct? At the end of the day, he’s not an LEO. He could have seriously hurt people outside. It’s a touchy subject I understand. But it is a citizens arrest at the end of the day. Shooting through the wall…holy shit, that could have turned out much worse. The receptionist is lucky she just hit the deck.

    I also think that having the security guard a bit more vigilant and at the ready could have been more effective. but I think he did ok under the circumstances…minus the getting hit part ;)

    1. Actually there was outside video survail. Showed them approaching, but not drawing.

      As for shots through the wall, if you’ll note more closely, the perp that fired into the back room ducked behind that wall when he saw the gun of the security person. I think it possible one or both perps might be perforated and leaking. The security person was likely also monitoring the vid that you can see, that showed the staff was down and out of the line of fire.

      I’m always amused at the claim that everything slows down under that kind of stress, including one’s reactions. Not true. Just SEEMS that way. We are lighting fast at those times. And we can calculate things like line of fire very quickly. Remember, the police shot the wrong person at about elevens times more than a citizen does… but that’s because we are present at the scene of the unfolding crime as it happens. Not later while trying to catch a perp.

      The security guy appeared to scoop up something from the floor. Did he drop his own weapon, or did he grab that of the perp that was dropped. Must go back and look.