Lack Of Muzzle Discipline – Sweepers Gonna Sweep

The first 5 seconds were awesome haha.

iraqveteran8888-youtubeI couldn’t imagine working at a gun store for that reason alone.  Whenever I take someone out shooting for the first time I make sure they know there is absolutely no leeway on the 4 rules of gun safety.

Like they said in the video, it’s just common courtesy.



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  1. I will have to definitely agree on this. Im a Marine, last time someone flagged me with their barrel i grabbed the compensator and used it as a lever to press the front site post into the side of the offending parties head. You can never be to careful. Stay safe and Semper Fi

    1. You’re a faggot not a Marine, I’m a Navy Seal if I ever see you attack a person like that I’ll break your legs.

      1. obviously its taken out of context, i forgot to add they were wearing a kevlar, but still. and who are you to say your a Navy Seal to use such foul language, obviously you have no inception as to what my comment refers too, and being that this post is that old. You must be very tech savvy. Congratulations

  2. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    After having multiple experiences loaded firearms pointed at me, both intentional and unintentional, I stopped caring whether there’s something in the chamber or not. Muzzle directed my way means threat, and I will act accordingly.

    1. Everyone acts accordingly; not everyone’s acts are rational.

  3. I agree with them 100%

  4. 10 minutes of them complaining? No thanks.

    I clicked play, and then right clicked and went to “stop download”..10 minutes? I’ll listen and watch Hickok45 play around with a good gun for that amount of time. Not them.

    Every time I’m in a gun store,examining a gun,I never sweep around the room. Generally I just point towards a corner of the ceiling.

  5. Well i agree and disagree. A gun is assumed loaded until you know it isnt and then its no more dangerous than pointing a tv guide at me. When the gun store guy takes it from his case, racks it a zillion times then hand it to me, who gives a shit. These guys however, with youtube educated folks coming in all day, have a rough time. i have never taken a gun into the gun store that wasnt unloaded and checked either before i left home with it. If i am taking it there i plan to have it fixed or sell it so why would it be loaded? They just need to have a camera and print peoples pics for a wall of stupidity, that would probably help.

    1. So you don’t mind if people point unloaded firearms at you?

      Also, can that annoying gibberish from RackandTap please be deleted.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Thanks, yeah he’s done.

  6. its a fake. the phone isnt working. These old ones need a cable.

  7. I took a Kel-Tec P-11 into a gun store looking for a laser. It was in a bag, no mag and a gun lock on the trigger. Before I was able to to unlock the trigger the store staff had already cleared the empty chamber. We both worked by Cooper’s rule. I was not offended by it.

    Meanwhile a guy (CCW) carrying a .38 snub nose revolver has swept me, another customer and the two staff we were in front of. He was asked to leave. He got all defensive. I was on the store staff’s side. The guy that was with him said we and the staff were in the right.

    He was an asshole, but being an asshole in a gun store is usually against long term health.

    But 10+ minutes for that — way too long.

  8. I went into a gun store and was swept by one of the employees and I watched him clear the pistol but he still did not have to pass it me with the muzzle pointed at my chest.

  9. Taylor TX Avatar

    Yea gun gripe is an accurate description of the video, normally they post somewhat entertaining stuff. But seriously though, why is it someone who is not familiar with firearms’ first reaction when handed a weapon is to put that damn booger flicker right on the bang switch or point it right at your chest?

  10. I was at my gun club this weekend and it was a bit cold to be on the range so everyone was inside displaying the latest purchases and no matter where I stood someone was pointing a gun in my direction. I finally was the one that said “come on”.

  11. Crunkleross Avatar

    These guys gripe so much about their job I’m surprised they don’t just quit. I don’t like it and will call people on it but if you work in a gun shop you’re going to get swept. Don’t take me wrong it shouldn’t ever happen, at a gun shop or anywhere else but the reality is that it happens. Do what you can to educate and stay aware. Jumping to prone and hollering GUN as loud as you can in the middle of Cabellas might be a little over the top but effective.

  12. Madelaine Slomer Avatar
    Madelaine Slomer

    Creo que tiene que escribir un montón más en este tema sujeto

  13. You know what really grinds my gears???