Only Cops Should Have Guns

FXhummel1‘s tongue-in-cheek troll track for disarmament:

Police are of higher moral character, therefore they should be the only ones able to own firearms LOLOLOL.  Case in point, Chris Dorner, and the guys that burned him to the ground.  Easy jokes though aside, it’s gotta be a tough job though I know… I couldn’t imagine dealing with rude dickheads non stop.  You’d have to have pretty thick skin in order to not have the first bullshit incident of the day turn your smile into a frown. Compound that day after day and that has to have some effect on your overall outlook on people and life.

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  1. I don’t think people will appreciate me writing a novel here so I’ll keep it short and link a video to my whole story once I shoot/upload it…

    One of my private ranges is 250 acres surrounded by national forest up at big bear. The shootout was apparently less than a mile up the mountain from where I was located. I was filming a video on Monday shooting guns and detonating explosives and everything seemed normal. Tuesday however, there was increasing helicopter activity combined with gun fire. Keep in mind gun fire isn’t out of the ordinary there because people often shoot in culdesacs of ridges from time to time. A little after noon we were buzzed by LAPD’s shiny new drone which I thought was a small aircraft until I saw it had no windows only a gimbaled payload underneath it. I made the call to pack up and head out for the day. It ended up being a good decision because as soon as I put the last bit of gear in the truck an unmarked SUV pulled up and a few Sheriff Deputies got out with AK’s and M4’s. Even though I was on the edge of our private property they asked which way we came from and if we could head out. They said that a potential murderer would be coming down the ridge and we needed to get out. I asked him if we should be armed and he hesitated a good 10-15 seconds and said… “nah you should be good. Just don’t stop for anyone until you hit our roadblock (25 miles on a 4wd trail which will take 1 hour to 1 1/2 to reach) and if you see *the alleged guy* with a gun, you run his ass over, you don’t stop”. I wasn’t really asking if I should be armed. I was going to load up regardless but what I was really asking was permission to do it there in front of them or else I would do it down the trail away from them.

    A lot of us gun rights advocates talk about hypothetical situations in which the police won’t be there to protect you when you need help. There was Homeland Security, LAPD, Sheriff’s Department, Park Rangers, FBI, hundreds of LEO en route… but it was MY responsibility to keep myself and my crew safe. None of my film crew are proficient in handgun or rifle manipulation so for the entire drive down choke points through the mountain, over rocks, through creeks, etc not scared or nervous but overly aware of our surroundings and furious that the state of California and gun regulating idiots whom have probably never fired a gun in their lives before, put me in a situation where I was at a significant disadvantage to protect myself and those with me with limited 10 round magazines and a bullet button on my rifles. I. WAS. PISSED. This criminal didn’t have the appropriate licenses to have 30 round magazines, cans, rifles without bullet buttons… But did he? Yes. Did the LEO’s have a disadvantage like me? No.

    You put ANY gun control/limited capacity magazine advocate in my passenger’s seat that day and I GUARANTEE they would have a different opinion today.

    On a side note, when I did reach several check points a hour later, I informed the LEO’s I ran into that I was armed and had loaded firearms in my cab and they were very respectful of my constitutional right to carry even though the state technically doesn’t permit it. Once to the check point with HLS and LAPD APCs everywhere I asked if we could unload and lock our stuff up for transport and they told us that there were a lot of uneasy cops around and we should get on the highway and do it else where… Not the greatest advice in the world but we figured every cop in a 50 mile radius was there so we did it off the mountain instead of potentially getting shot by a confused officer.

    1. RackandTap Avatar

      By any chance are have you ever served in the US Navy.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Holy Richard, that’s crazy!!! I would have shit a brick when I saw the drone.

      1. I would of too had I heard about it being weaponized before hand or saw anything but the camera system. As far as my understanding, it’s only use is ISR.

  2. LOL. This song is awesome!

  3. The genius just keeps pouring out of him.

    Seriously fun — and damned well on point.