Draw A Gun For The New School Safety Logo Contest

Keep in mind you can’t normally draw guns at school…


The South Carolina DOJ Attorney’s office had this amazing idea *eye roll*:

The Project Sentry Logo Contest. Every year in April we ask the students of South Carolina to submit drawings that represent gun violence prevention in their schools. It is usually the week of the Columbine memorial in an effort to create a dialogue about gun violence.

David Codrea rips the DOJ a new hypocrisy hole in his article which you should read.

You can check out some of the past contest winners on the DOJ website.

Draw a picture like any of those a day after the contest is over, and earn yourself a suspension.



8 responses to “Draw A Gun For The New School Safety Logo Contest”

  1. My experience: i was a rebellious and artistic teen and I drew guns all the time throughout my public school years in Tennessee and handed them out to my peers, even depicting them in several school projects [11th grade Art, 9th grade biology, and 10th grade English]. Some interesting responses to my illustrations:

    In the ultimate display of bad taste – not sure what I was thinking, I illustrated a modern version of Julius Caesar with guns and blood for my 10th grade English project very shortly after the Columbine shootings. The teacher said that one project in particular stood out and needed to be addressed. he presented my illustration. I thought ‘oh shit im fucked’. And then he proceeded to praise my submission saying it was the best one and should set a precedence for the rest of the class to follow. welp. ok.

    In 8th grade, out of sheer boredom and a bit of teenage rebellion, I drew a nice pencil portrait of Hitler and swastika during class and when my Social Studies teacher discovered it, he proudly hung it in the classroom on the wall above his desk for the rest of the school year, even though Nazi Germany and WWII were not even part of the curriculum. oh, and it was put right next to the portraits of President Clinton and George H W Bush. Welp. ok.

    I actually even recorded myself playing Counter-Strike [featuring all the guns] for a school project involving Navy SEALs killing Saddam Hussein. The teacher said it was ‘best of show’ and that he’d save it to show all future generations of his class. ok.

    But in 5th grade, I drew a smoking skull surrounded by drugs for the D.A.R.E. poster contest and even though it technically was the ‘best’ design and won, they stripped me of the prize because they deemed the skull too controversial and offensive. ok then.

  2. shockfish08 Avatar

    I graduated HS in 2008 and all my HS “career” I sketched and drew guns of all sorts on the sides of my homework and notes (what can I say I have a fascination with them). I always figured that if I ever got in trouble for that I could plead the first and call BS on em’ for letting me do it so long then arbitrarily deciding to bust me for it. Fortunately for me this never happened :)

    Still a law abiding citizen btw

  3. At least the drawing has good trigger finger discipline.

  4. Interesting.

    I attended high school in South Carolina, and the funny thing is that I always talked to my teachers about guns. My marketing teacher loved her revolvers; the band director kept making jokes about me having some kind of arsenal, and this substitute teacher and I would go on and on about firearms and Vietnam (He was one of those guys that flew behind enemy lines to rescue men/salvage downed helicopters) during class. Hell, for Thanksgiving, while everyone else traced their hands, I drew a turkey all decked out in gear, wore a helmet and an angry face, and wielded an MG-42 with the caption, “Thank THIS!”

    I won extra candy for that, too.

  5. Think before you pull the trigger
    Wasn’t that a teen pregnancy awareness campaign?

    1. No that was stick it on before you stick it in.

  6. Braden Lynch Avatar
    Braden Lynch

    My version would be…do I go for the head shot to kill the crazed evil homocidal bastard who is here to shoot up the school, or do I settle for two to the center of mass?

    Now, that’s really thinking about it before pulling the trigger. Aren’t schools supposed to be teaching kids good reasoning skills?

    Gun Free Zones are killing zones for the innocent. They must be abandoned. Only an idiot would believe they have any validity.

  7. They made Glocks even uglier, how is that possible?