Chris Rock Demands A Plan – May Or May Not Include Bullet Control

For a comedian he’s not very funny without a prepared script:

I bet he thought his “the president of the united states is our boss” and “They are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country” thing would absolutely slay the crowd… but all he got was a few smirks and sympathy chuckles… because yea it sucked.

So let me get this straight… the president is OUR boss? haha right…

From when Chris Rock was actually funny:


If you’re not already familiar with the Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence celebrity hypocrisy campaign, check the links.



17 responses to “Chris Rock Demands A Plan – May Or May Not Include Bullet Control”

  1. Chris is a high school drop out, so he’s probably not aware that in a representative democracy, the people are actually the boss of the president.

  2. Our boss? Actually I work for myself, thanks anyway Chris.

  3. Mommy and Daddy? Is that the best you got? Better smoke those rocks you got BE’ATCH… We all know you’re pandering cause you sure didn’t think that way when Bush was President.

    Chris Rock is the biggest douche bag in the comedy industry. He rudely disses the young up & coming comics (who became big stars themselves) disrespects some of his peers, & acts like he’s some kind of righteous person. Yeah right you “ig-nant” hack.

    Go back to Open Mic you overrated dickhead!

  4. Nick, so true.

  5. Just another Hollywood elitist I won’t be spending my money on
    Add to my ban list

  6. Chris Rock's Crack Pipe Avatar
    Chris Rock’s Crack Pipe

    >Obama is your dad

    Sounds like some Father Stalin logic to me, bro.

  7. What a crock of shit

  8. If the President is the boss and daddy, then I suppose Rock’s great great grandparents’ slave owners were legitimate bosses as well.

    Chris Rock’s mentality is Uncle Tom on steroids.

    1. agreed, I’m sure the irony is lost on Mr. Rock though

  9. Scanglory Avatar

    Douche Nozzle

  10. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

    That’s the problem with society today. They think of the government as Mommy & Daddy that will take care of everything for them, kiss their boo boo’s, and buy them nice things.

    Government is a Mule & a Plow that works for you! If it breaks, get rid of it and get a new one.

  11. Aren’t government officials like the President servants of the people?

    This mommy and daddy shit is off the scales.

  12. Badthinker Avatar

    Chris has been getting uppity in recent years. My guess is he’s pandering to the left in an attempt to stay relevant with the current PC mindset. Just watch his stuff on women and blacks from the old days – he’d never get away with that now. Or maybe he would. If you get the rub from certain media giants (see: Jon Stewart and Louis CK) you can get away with bloody murder, just don’t piss off the wrong groups, i.e., whatever is at the top of the liberal hierarchy of victimhood at the moment. You’re only allowed to laugh if they say it’s funny!

  13. Crunkleross Avatar

    I was hoping he was being sarcastic but after watching it a few times I guess not.

  14. Like most unfunny comics. If he doesn’t have material (usually written by someone else) and years to work it out, it doesn’t come off well. Don’t confuse being a comic and being funny. I would ad him to my list of Hollywood types to avoid, but I already did that based on him not being funny or interesting.

  15. Comedians are funny until they become so successful that they become full of their own bullshit and then feel the need to ignore their original fanbase by spouting their worthless opinions. Chris Rock, Will Farrel, John Stewart, etc. are all guilty of these mistakes. They should just do their damned jobs and avoid controversy, like Robin Williams and Mike Myers.

  16. “The absolutist denies that it is always right to obey your culture’s values. He has a trans-cultural standard by which he can criticize a whole culture’s values. That is why he could be a progressive and a radical, while the relativist can only be a status-quo conservative, having no higher standard than his culture. My country, right or wrong. Only massive, media, big-lie propaganda could so confuse people’s minds that they spontaneously think the opposite. But in fact it is only the believer in the old-fashioned natural moral law who could be a social radical and a progressive. He alone can say to a Hitler, or a Saddam Hussein, “You and your whole social order are wrong and wicked and deserve to be destroyed.” The relativist could only say, “Different strokes for different folks, and I happen to hate your strokes and prefer mine, that’s all.”” -Peter Kreeft