Develop Fear Of Firearms – Disarming Everyone Is The Solution

A personal epiphany from an ex firearm enthusiast / whiny little beeotch:


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The story starts off where the author scares a burglar away with his firearm.  It was stressful for him, but as far as I’m concerned it did the job it was intended to do… then the story gets weird:

Only in fantasy does keeping a gun in the home make you safer; the statistical reality is just the opposite. Only in fantasy is the possibility of even minimal gun regulation a threat “to take away all the guns.” And only in fantasy can arming teachers and abolishing gun-free zones be seen as a reasonable response to gun violence — for only in fantasy does throwing more of a problem at a problem equal a solution.


First of all, in his story, this “burglar” was running away… that hardly sounds like a situation in which you would shoot unless you wanted to go to jail.  Maybe the rules are different in Atlanta though, I don’t know.


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  1. Ole'Wolf Avatar

    Guns kept bad guys at bay for 200 years… Indians, French, Brits , Spanish, Brits again, Mexicans, Mexicasn and the French, various sorts of Rebels and Revenuers along with various and sundry rustlers, robbers and the like. Even had the Russians thinking uninvited visits over here were a badi idea back when they were the Soviets. As for fantasies of armed teachers stopping gun violence… I gotta give him that one. For near-on 30 years the teachers in Israel stopped SUICIDE BOMBERS more that derranged gunmen by being armed so that obviously a fantasy. Hmmm- I pretty much ignore the “Gun Free Zone” and always have… can’t act on what they don’t see… so next question. I have to admit I’m getting tired or jaded by all the screaming and caterwalling about the gun rights issue… one side is responding to the otherside with facts. The other side (who’s agencies came up with the facts) are responding with emotioanl outbursts just like thay have every time the issue comes up. This feeling is making me way nervous and a starting to look under the bed for conspiracies. Of all the problems we face today, why this one? What is being hidden by the continual roar of noise across the media spectrum. Finally, in the end this is the kind of guy i’m GLAD gave up firearms… I’ve faced some hairy times, had “Buck Fever” on occasion but I’ve always learned how to use a tool as best I could and kept up with the training if I used it ever again. I own a chainsaw, sits in the garage in it’s case… I use a buck saw because I LIKE doing it that way. My sons use the chainsaw, it’s mine but I’ve never used it nor would I until I learned about it and got experience with it. Sorry, this one made me feel like barking,,, never was any good a Baaing.

  2. “Having guns makes us murderers. Fact.” -Piers Morgan

    Maybe the problem IS that too many people have guns. Maybe it ought to be a carefully deliberated decision and maybe if you are going to own one for defense you had better be prepared to use it in that capacity. I read this story and don’t quite understand the author’s position. He potentially saved his and his girlfriend’s lives, so his reaction is “OMG this gun made me almost kill someone!” Why keep the gun downstairs in a broom closet when you sleep upstairs? And what good does an unloaded gun do you?

    I do think he makes one good point: we as Americans are far to casual about guns. Yes we have the unabridged right to own pretty much whatever we want but we should be careful to remember that whether for deer, varmints, paper targets, or human beings they are specifically designed to kill.

  3. The full story linked here, only stirs the pot. There to give the author more readership on something controversial and near and dear to our hearts as gun owners.

    It’s better that this douche decided to give up his arms. He may one day become another statistic that supports our side of the debate and advocates more gun ownership.

  4. I call BS on the whole story. Way too many stupid things for anybody with even a bit of training.

    1. That was my thought, but I was trying to give the author the benefit of the doubt considering that adrenaline does crazy things to people.

  5. Man, that almost reads like an article from The Onion! Obviously made up from whole cloth, the entire thing, or just embellished to the point of ridiculousness. What makes it so hilarious is the guy is trying to come off as this wizened academic, but I doubt that essay would get past a junior college English Comp 1 teacher without a “B – Needs Work” grade.
    He even works in the sound of the pump scaring off the burglar! NICE!

    1. Should I point out that grade standards for writing have been slipping nationwide for 20 years? Paper grading is too subjective anyway. I wouldn’t doubt he would get an A-/B+ for this fiction from most college professors I know. Actually grad students due most of the grading in college, but I’m getting off point.

      I remember getting straight A’s on shoddy papers in HUM101 in college and C’s on excellent papers I wrote for HUM102. The only reasoning I can come up with for the change is that my professor in that class was so blatantly a ‘men are evil’ feminist that she held me to a higher standard then all of the women in the class. I got an engineering degree with a real skill-set to back it so it didn’t matter anyway.

  6. meep-meep Avatar

    Here in Chicago, we have chief of police McCarthy, and mayor… ugh, don’t make me type it…

    “Nobody needs an AR-15”
    Well, nobody needs a drunk who shoots out streetlights while shouting that he’s “gonna do that to all those ‘n-word’s”, or a nine-fingered ballerina… but here we are.

  7. So basically the guy’s story read, “I can’t handle it, so neither can anyone else!” Sorry, that’s not how it works. Just because his backbone is made out of Jello doesn’t mean someone else’s is too.

  8. Isn’t that hilarious how slapstick his attempts at self defense were? In his flustered confusion, he “worked the action furiously, once, twice, and again,” inadvertantly unloading the weapon.

    It’s also completely impossible. Unless he pulled the trigger after chambering the shell, or consciously and purposefully depressed the slide release button, there’s no way he could have racked it a second or third time.

    Straight up liar.

    1. Your proverbial misfire of an an article, as it were.

    2. Roughshod Avatar

      Yeah, that was my first reaction too. Impossible? No, and stranger things have happened, but this story definitely has the ring of complete fabrication to me. I’m pretty sure that anyone who has spent as much time as he claims to have spent shooting skeet would be able to load that thing in a flash.

      I have personally drawn my weapon in self defense three times, and each time it had the desired effect of making the would be felon crap himself and spontaneously decide to practice his sprinting. Can’t say that I felt the least bit nauseated by that, so I really can’t relate to his reaction. I did feel relieved that I didn’t have to actually shoot anybody, and I came to pretty much the opposite conclusion that he did; that I damn sure needed to be armed in case this kind of thing ever happened again.

  9. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Lil’ bitch all right.

  10. He is full of BS. If he isn’t then he shouldn’t own a firearm.

    I have a shotgun. It is loaded with buckshot, but not chambered. That is my primary home weapon. The bad guy will also have the benefit of a green laser dot on his chest. The rack and the dot should give the perpetrator the idea hat they picked the wrong place.

    Would I panic over it afterward? Hell no.

    This guy is not someone I would want to know. His left leaning tendencies are overriding his knowledge that guns generally prevent violence.

  11. Nakedgun Avatar

    I gotta call BS on this story…

    This guy has a “success” story about running a burglar off, and then decides guns are un-safe?! After “several close-calls”?!…

    He PREVENTED a worse crime from occurring by panic-racking his shotgun. Nighttime burglars are usually after more than just our stuff…