Ashley Field Strips And Cleans An AR-15

Ban assault rifles!  Just kidding… bless this girl’s heart:

This is actually relevant to my interests in more ways than one.  I hate cleaning my guns, and I like the look of her.

She has a Glock cleaning video I posted about a long time ago.

Ashley-EyehandyCue the comments like “She’s too skinny!”, “She has a freckle on her hand I don’t like” hahah there’s always some like that…


Hat tip: Jon


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  1. Bonus points for her actually knowing what she’s doing.

    I’m totally sick of those videos where they give untrained bikini models guns and record the disaster.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No doubt!

    2. It isnt fair to say she knows what she is doing, she is just a model who was shown what to do, she doesnt know why she does it. The person speaking isnt even the same person who is on screen.

  2. I skipped around to the end for the money shot instinctively

    1. hnl.flyboy Avatar



    2. elephantrider Avatar

      Maybe I missed it, but where is the “handy” in this video? Didn’t see one anywhere.

  3. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    It’s nicer watching this than learning the way I did–with Drill Instructors yelling everywhere.


  4. I’d show her my cyclic rate.

    She can lubricate my bolt head anytime.

    If she likes that carbine, she’ll love my big bore rifle.

    Pistol grip? She can use any grip she wants.

    My sights just flipped up.

    Always use a rail cover, boys.

    Anything else I’m missing?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha these comments don’t disappoint.

    2. She can 1/7 twist my barrel.

      She can reciprocate my charging handle.

      I’ve got a hi-capacity for her mag-well.

      I can fully extend my stock for her.

      Check out the lugs for that bayonet.

  5. “Cue the comments like ‘She’s too skinny!’, ‘She has a freckle on her hand I don’t like’ hahah there’s always some like that…”

    How about she has a ring on her right hand that I don’t like.

    1. i had to look this up but still don’t have a convincing enough answer so;

      what does a ring on the middle finger of the right hand mean to you?

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Probably her deceased grandma’s ring or something.

      1. You might be right, I just saw something that looks like a engagement/wedding ring on her right hand and figured it was that. I guess others looked at it more closely.

        1. left hand is the wedding ring bro. and even then a lot of women will wear fake wedding rings at work to keep creepy guys from hitting on them. Get em when they are off guard lol

          1. that’s what peaked my interest; the statement of the _right_ hand, then went back and noticed it was the middle finger …

            my extensive minute long research says it means little to nothing in american culture but in some starry eyed, eastern, touchy feely scenes wearing a ring on the middle finger has something to do with individuality and so forth, if worn on the dominant hand it means you’re strong in those ideals, if worn on the non dominant hand you’re more weak and rely on others for those traits. i wont comment what comes to mind thinking of that and watching her … but a guy can dream

  6. I field strip and lubricate her inner workings.

  7. She forgot to reload the grip well with Skittles. Amateur.

    1. Totally amateur move… I also didn’t see any tactical Spongebob tape anywhere.

  8. No Bacon, no good.

  9. Im sure her self esteem is too high to fit my demographic.

  10. Ralph Wiggam Avatar
    Ralph Wiggam

    Watching her pull that buffer spring out and wipe it down is probably the hottest thing I’m going to see today…

  11. sapper911 Avatar

    I would!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. how many young recruits could benefit from this video? This needs to be added to the basic training curriculum

  13. there was an AR in this video?

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      yeah an extremely overpriced one

      lel. pof.

  14. CharlieB Avatar

    It is solely because of this woman that I know how to tie a tie. Guess it goes to show I know how to listen to a woman.

  15. those studs in her hip are really skeeving me out.

  16. I like big guns and I can not lie
    You operators can’t deny
    That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
    And a belt-fed in your face
    You get sprung, wanna pull out your Glock
    ‘Cause you notice that weapon was stuffed
    to the hilt with Tacti-cool stuff
    I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
    Oh baby, I need more oil
    Full-auto makes me so spoiled

  17. I don’t understand these kind of videos. In my opinion all it does is sexualize violence, just like how some women sexualize rape/murder with pirates and/or vampires attacking/murdering them.

    Then again I have never been a “women on cars” kind of guy.

    Why is she out of the kitchen again?

    1. I’m with you on not mixing titillation and violence. For me, porn is porn and violence is violent, and never the two should meet. It’s like pooping while eating; both are enjoyable separately, but together they confuse the brain.

      She has no business in the kitchen until she learns to eat. Never trust a skinny cook.

    2. i’d have to agree with not sexualizing violence but i see no violence in the video…then again i have no problem with women on cars.

      oh and ++ on the never trust a skinny cook

  18. this video is very offensive. im suprised youtube allows it on its website. mike, how can you put this on your page?

    …i mean come on, who puts the eotech that far forward? i dont believe the quad rail is free floated. that thing will never hold zero.

    you sicken me mike, i thought you were better than this.


  19. She can clean my rifle or gun anytime she wants.

  20. Steveweiser Avatar

    She has a freckle on her hand that I don’t like.

  21. Ken Smith Avatar

    Practice gun safety….as she points the rifle at the camera…

    The narrator had used the term “lubrication” many many times before….you could tell. She did it well.

  22. Nakedgun Avatar

    Will have to re-watch it to learn anything; my buddy just told me it was bout gun-cleaning… I was counting freckles and body-studs, while trying to carny-guess what size that poor bra is…

  23. Dammit, why are all the hot chicks getting tatoos and piercings they dont need? NATURAL beauty is best ladies.

  24. mattv2099 Avatar

    if I was a chick I’d be a youtube millionaire.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahha yea you really would. You could also secure a hot girlfriend that wants to get into business with you and exploit herself ;)