Victoria’s Secret Over Printing Half An AR-15 Magazine In Real Time

Get your jammies on and grab a drink and some popcorn:

I made it to about 45 seconds and saw enough… so I skipped… and skipped… and then saw it complete.

If you’re not familiar with Defense Distributed’s magazine making 3D printing efforts check that linked post.

In my opinion you’re better off doing what I did above, and then using your spare time to watch this 5 hour Adriana Lima 1080p checkered flag waving video:

Adriana-LimaIf you skip through any of the above video you’re doing an injustice to yourself, and you’ll make my girl Adriana cry. ;)

I know some of your hardcores live by the code “MOB”, where the M stands for magazines.  haha



9 responses to “Victoria’s Secret Over Printing Half An AR-15 Magazine In Real Time”

  1. Or put them both on the big screen and enjoy! kinda.

  2. Yeah, definitely would have preferred an HD time-lapse version (perhaps with the beginning and end 30 seconds at normal speed) over a not-even-SD 2-hour video.

    That said, you just have to giggle at how the top one ended… ;)

  3. I like to see that printed magazine put to test.

  4. bop ba-da-bop baa baa

  5. Crunkleross Avatar

    No wonder it’s taking so long to get that 1K Pmag order.

  6. So I wonder if that magazine actually works. They used a $1,000 printer to make it compared to the five figure printer Distributed Defense actually uses.

  7. This is pure grandstanding. I am honestly afraid that what they are doing will actually harm my RTKBA. The whole point seems to be OMG, we can actually MAKE HIGH-CAPACITY MAGAZINES at home with a computer and a printer! well, news flash buster, I’ve seen guys make them out of aluminum with a harbor-freight hydraulic press, and the metal ones actually work. And that’s a hell of alot more likely than somebody using a $5k thermoplastic 3D printer.

    IF there is a ban on 30 round magazines, their manufacture is banned as well. The feds catch wind of it and you’re going to prison. end of story.

    1. If a law enforcement person shows up on your doorstep asking “Do you have firearms/mags?” your reply should be “I reserve my fifth amendment rights.” If they ask if they can search the answer is “Do you have a search warrant per the fourth amendment?”

      If they search and/or arrest you they have to prove you waived your rights. If they want to arrest millions, where do they hold them? It’s not a one off case.

      1. Renegade_Azzy Avatar

        Or by that point they are violating every other amendment and they pull some sort of probable cause and just arrest you and search. Then you have to pay good money, while out of a job (most likely when sitting in jail) to fight a machine that can print money for its lawyers.