Windy City Assault Front Sling Mount

Some recent derp from the Chicago Tribune:


Close… but not quite guys.  LOL  For the last 10 minutes I’ve been trying to jam a bayonet into that sling mount point, but no luck.  I’m actually surprised they didn’t say the gun would fire knives that were placed there.

At least they didn’t try and say grenades were easy to get, and worse yet talk about 37mm as if they were the same as 40mm launchers.


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  1. Kommando Avatar

    I want a bayonet launcher now.

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      Search “slingshot guy” on youtube. Any of the videos with a bald german guy are what you’re looking for.

      1. compressed air is much neater than rubber bands and the power is still there:

  2. That was one of the most misunderstood things of the 94 AWB that “Grenade Launchers” were part of the banned features.

    Of course M203 and similar self-contained grenade launchers, and what most shooters know as a grenade launcher is an NFA Item. Further the only reason why those flare launchers like the 37mm aren’t NFA is because companies have been good about not making lethal rounds for them. All we need is one mall-ninja group stuffing a 37mm canister full of buckshot, and the ATF could add those items to the NFA.

    Nope the “Grenade Launcher” talked about in 94 was that silly thing on the end of a Yugo SKS. A rifle grenade launcher used for mount a rifle grenade to the muzzle and launch it with a blank cartridge.

    Don’t you feel safer now?

  3. I love how they get all bent out of shape over bayonets for AR platform rifles, as if there have been a rash of drive-by bayonetings or something. I guess we can’t let those Korean Garands back in the country because gang bangers might get their hands on them, affix bayonets and charge each other after they hurt their thumbs so bad they can’t reload.

    All I know is no one better show them a Mosin with a bayonet attached.

  4. czbeardly Avatar

    Instructions not clear, but I guess now I can fit a grenade launcher to my keychain, w00t!

  5. NotAnIdiot Avatar

    Are you kidding me bro? These people are making the laws…..This is it ladys and gentleman, the tipping point where the MAJORITY is officially retarded.

    Human Intellect RIP 1/1/2013

    1. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      1/1/2013 ? where have you been the past 50 years?

    2. Funny thing about common sense… It ain’t so common anymore…

  6. It’s in my best judgment that putting a bayonet on a AR-15 then throwing it like a spear is never a wise choice.

    1. ooh, AR15 javelin competition!

  7. MosinMango Avatar

    So according to the tribune, I have six grenade launcher mounts going around the waist of my pants…

    Scary ignorance is scary…


  8. I hope Times editor gets a foot in the ass.

  9. I… I didn’t know…. I feel so stupid I have been putting a sling on it the WHOLE TIME…DERP!

    Has anyone written the tribune yet? This has gone beyond absurd. Makes me think that these writers know very well what it’s meant for, they are just playing the citizens of Chicago for fools and having a really good laugh at the office.

    I just want to phone them and make right of it but I am sure it will fall on def ears.

    1. Deaf*

  10. sapper911 Avatar

    How is it possible to be so stupid? 1 min of research is all they need, but they never do it.

  11. FAIL! That is the ICBM launching lug. DUH!

  12. AgInCarolina Avatar

    The real question is: would the attached device be a “high capacity” bayonet? If so, I want it banned.

    1. I bet those bayonets are armor-piercing too!!

      Tha children! Think of the children!!!!!

  13. This kind of misinformation is endless. No matter how many times it gets corrected in one medium, another one publishes a new set of shit “facts,” figures,” os something just ignorant.

    I hate shit facts.

    Now where can I get a bayonet launcher and muffler grease?

    1. Think of how many hills we could take with a dozen or more assault slings.

  14. I thought that was to attach your Hello Kitty Bubble Launcher. Another dangerous device warranting school suspension for 5 year olds.

  15. Oh shit! A spear!

  16. dis, dis right here? it to make shooty thing into stabby thing. bery bery dangerous!!

  17. Braden Lynch Avatar
    Braden Lynch

    People this stupid and ignorant should not be suggesting legislation regarding my private property and self-defense rights. Journalists and politicians should take a simple 3 question quiz, and if they fail, be barred from ever pontificating on the subject.

    For example:

    1. Is the AR-15 a select fire or semi-automatic firearm?
    2. How are assault weapons and unicorns similar?
    3. In almost all of the recent mass shooting incidents, what was the common legal feature?

    1. Semi-automatic
    2. Both are mythical creatures
    3. They happened in Gun Free Zones, where good citizens were disarmed by the state