Anon Responds To The 2013 Obama Gun Control Policy

Videos like this are interesting, but I get more of a kick out of them when anon does funny things like hack websites that go against their beliefs.

Anonymous-LogoThat computer voice is very hard to listen to after the first couple minutes. :/


Hat tip: Paul, Miguel


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  1. thehaggis Avatar

    It’s more than most do, for what they believe in. More power to em.

  2. Anonymous has come out and said that this was made by a youtube vlogger instead of their group.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ah thanks! I thought it seemed fishy and I had that written in the post at first, but took it out. hehe

    2. One thing you need to understand is that “anonymous ” is NOT a group. There is no base, or headquarters, or members per se. Anonymous is everyone and no one. Anonymous is you, and me, and them; everyone and no one. Anyone can do anything and call it “anonymous”. If one person chooses to make a video and claim it is “anonymous” then in a way it is true. It’s better described as an entity. The only real variable with videos like these is the number of supporters. The more the merrier, but like all things if there aren’t enough people to support it, it will die off.

      1. So if there is no base or “members”, how do we know what the truth is regarding whether or not this video is sponsored by Anon? If they are anonymous, how can I actually trust them?

        1. No one has the right to approve or reject ideas outright. An idea can gather enough steam to translate into action, or fade away due lack of collective support.

        2. Or stop them for that matter. That is why they like the “We are legion” mantra. Like I mentioned before they are a MOVEMENT of UNORGANIZED INDIVIDUAL VIGILANTES. I’m not really sure why this is so hard for people to understand.

          Let me restate this in a way everyone that visits this site regularly could understand. Put your tin foil hats on for this one. I hate playing B.S. what if scenarios, but since gun owners seem to understand the prepper mentality here is a little story.

          One month from now the Obama administration passes sweeping new gun regulations including full registration of semi-automatic weapons. All but 1 million of the nations gun owners comply. A couple thousand of these resistant gun owners sign a petition that they refuse to register their weapons and jack-booted ATF stormtroopers start breaking into their homes and seizing their weapons.

          A handful of gun owners resist violently the forced disarmament of the american people and the administration uses this as justification for more unconstitutional seizures and even drone strikes against local militias under the patriot act. Every attempt to form a ORGANIZED resistance leadership fails because of FBI surveillance and informers.

          You as a citizen cannot publicly proclaim your support to other members of the underground resistance because the nail that sticks out gets hammered with drone missiles or their family dog murdered in raids. All those guys who talked openly about breaking federal firearm laws are now dead , wanted, or in state prison camps.

          How would the remaining resistance members communicate without compromising each-others safety? How could they carry out resistance in secret with the minimum risk to themselves, and their family? How can they speak the message of the group without being targeted as being leadership. ANONYMOUSLY!!!

          You put on your Guy Fawkes mask and use a machine to hide your voice through a filter. You remind yourself that government should fear it’s people. You speak carefully to a camera .

          “I am legion, for we are many. Kill me and another will tell the truth of it. Silence him and another will speak for him. We cannot be stopped because we are not made of people, but of ideals, and our message is stronger then our individual flesh. We have declared war on….”

          Do you guys get it now?

  3. Anon is really an unorganized movement of hacktavists. No one really speaks for the group. That’s kind of the point. They are disorganized, and ANONYMOUS, even to each-other! The only consistent part of their platform is the attack on censorship and copyright enforcement online.

    1. They strive to achieve that goal, but in reality there are some members of the collective who make decisions, and others who follow. The Nazis figured this out real quick with the death camps, they would place new prisoners in heavily guarded areas, look for any emergent leadership and quickly ship those people off to siberia. the rest of them kept their heads down and didn’t need to be watched as closely. The same could be said of terrorist groups, although they seem to find new leadership no matter how many times that we blow the leaders up.

      You’ll notice that the arrest of those few dozen individuals from Anonymous really chilled the movement, to the point where they really aren’t a threat to anyone anymore. kind of sad really, i had hoped that they would cause more of stir and start a social dialog about the direction that the world is headed.

  4. Anonymous DID NOT make the video.

    1. Proof?

      1. thebronze Avatar

        I dunno. Maybe these guys?

        1. Those anons speak only for themselves. This anon has more support for the video in question.

    2. Anonymous DID make this video, another member of anonymous may disagree and CLAIM that it is fake, but they are in error.(and ignorant of the way anon works) Anon members come from all walks of life and agree and disagree with each other at times.(ex. “lolsec.”, and “th3j3st3r” both are anon) there is no leader to say what the organization does or does not believe. Also they are not all hackers or hacktavist, this is another area where the media has blown something out of proportion, those people make up a small portion of anon.

  5. Anthracis Avatar

    Either way, they make some valid points…and some overreaching statements. Why can’t people just embrace their mediocrity and go to their minimum wage job and their moms basement. It’s not all conspiracy theories and aliens…sorry bro!

    Anonymous…yeah. Whatever! Go play with your mask. DmB4ss35!