Nutnfancy Rally Speech At The Utah State Capital Building

For the January 19th, 2013 Freedom rally:

Since Nutnfancy learned how to talk, this was the shortest recorded speech he has ever made.  I’ll admit at first I thought it was going to be a long tough ride… I took a pee, cut up several cheeses, grabbed some chips and crackers, and made sure my glass was full of water.  Pleasant surprise though… he actually did a very good job.

Nutnfancy-Utah-State-Capital-SpeechSide note: Who pulls their hat over their sunglasses like that?  Is that a Utah “thing”?



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  1. No, not a Utah thing.

  2. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    his speech fluctuates.. sometimes you are like YEAH!! and others you are like huh, still going? then did you say that already? they YEAH! not a bad job tho. Pretty good stuff

  3. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    his head will swell!

  4. Wait, so it’s now OK to publicly address people by their internet username? FUCK. SAKE.

    1. OPSEC bro.

    2. Why not? You think theres a birth certificate somewhere that actually says P Diddy? screenname stagename brandname, go with whatever people recognize.

    3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea he could have at least did a small intro explaining what he did for a living. Maybe he’s that much of a local celebrity though, everyone knows him?

  5. Yes, his hat looks stupid, is vids go on forever, and he is a bit goofy. But hell, he’s fighting the good fight and doing more to protect our rights than most. It’s nice to see so many supporters of the 2nd.

  6. Bahaha! I took a pee, cut up several cheeses, grabbed some chips and crackers, and made sure my glass was full of water. I’ve only made it through one ‘nutnfancy’ vid, and that was because I was sloppy drunk and passed out.

  7. As goofy as his hat/sunglasses are and going by the name nutnfancy. His speech was good especially when you consider he hadn’t prepared the speech. For an off the cuff speech it was really good.

    1. I was there, freezing my balls off. It was a little long winded for me, but that’s the name of the game for nutnfancy. And he DEFINITELY prepared the speech. He was wandering back and forth in front of the stairs, almost begging someone to recognize him. He checked his notes before going up, so yeah, he was prepared.

      There were some good parts, and I agreed with most of it, but it could have easily been compressed into 5 minutes instead of 15. I guess that’s true for every nutnfancy video though.

      1. He was begging to be recognized? Odd, because I could swear I saw a bunch of people crowding around him to get autographs, and t-shirts, and stuff. When he came to the podium, I heard a lot of guys in the crowd yell TNP, so I guess with celebrity comes people who like you, people who adore you, and a few haters and nay sayers. Whether or not he rehearsed his speech, or did it off the cuff, is irrelevant. I watched all his call to action videos, and his greater good series, and it seemed to me that he was referencing from a lot of that. You know, if you make similar arguments long enough, you actually can be prepared to speak “off the cuff” because you’ve covered the material before. If you truly believe in what you preach, it is easy to be passionate and speak on the subject. That’s my spare change. Take it or leave it.

  8. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    you think if it’s cold out and the top of his glasses are tucked into his fancy hat the glasses would fog up pretty quick.

  9. Crunkleross Avatar

    If not just preaching to the choir it would be good to explain your background and experience, maybe even profession to give the presentations a little more credibility. At least in case there were some regular public present that might be persuaded, they might feel like they attended a private club with code names. I dunno probably wrong.

    1. SixtyForty Avatar

      Yup, nothing ups your credibility like announcing that you’re an Internet Celebrity.

  10. Did he slobber his weird horse lips all over the mic? Nutnfacy’s videos were some of the first I watched when I became seriously interested and involved in shooting a couple years ago and it’s obvious he puts a lot of work into them, but he’s way too Weekend Warrior / Suburban Commando for me. And more and more he seems like he’s moving away from being a regular guy and becoming more of a puffed pseudo internet celebrity persona. He’s starting to remind me of Steven Segal, maybe it’s the giant noggin and leather jacket.

    But, to each his own.

  11. well im glad nutnfancy is on our side. ya he rambles on sometimes…alot of times…actually all the time. but i still like what he talks about. usually watch his vids while doing other things kinda like talk radio and stuff. I got a question ive been wondering though all that land he shoots on and does the TNP stuff on is it his or public??? really curious bout that. I like nut though. i think he is a good honorable guy that means well. a little goofy but hey we all are.

    1. its BLM, so public. Ive seen a couple of vids where they have stopped shooting when other folks on quads have come along.

  12. It’s easy to hate, but if you get the urge to watch a 40 minute review of a flashlight, he’s got you covered.

    1. People like to whine about his vids but I’d like to mention two things.

      1) There are other reviewers out there. If you want a short and sweet, bare-bones review, go to watch them and don’t concern yourself with nutnfancy.

      2) He seriously hits on everything. Everything. That’s why I like his reviews. They are thorough as all hell. The rambling is a non-issue. I multi-task.

  13. Even his speeches are long!!! I am disappointed he didn’t do a “philosophy of use” for the second amendment. I still watch his videos though….

    1. I don’t think many public figures really want to delve into the actual point of the 2nd Amendment, because the last time “in the course of human events” it became “necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another” it didn’t go too well, and the topic of political separation has been taboo for 150 or so years, or immediately dismissed as “neoconfederate”.

      If you go down that road, you have to deep dive into secession and nullification; two topics that a seasoned taking head can distort into a bogeymen and frighten the ignorant masses awaiting for their “panem et circenses”.

      BTW, I enjoyed your thoughts on the dukkha.

  14. I watched a couple of his reviews, but his Glock bias turned me off. I prefer hickok45 reviews.

    That being said, he did a better job filling a 15 minute slot with pro-gun talk than I probably could. Especially in front of a live audience, which he isn’t use to.