General Stanley McChrystal On Gun Control

They couldn’t find Ja Rule apparently for comment, but Stanley McChrystal was available:

First of all, what’s a Bushmaxter? LOL

Secondly, this guy is retired and as far as I know WAS well respected in the gun and military community.  Why would he voluntarily align himself with the gun grabbers?  Oh because he’s a retired general, therefore better than the rest of us average plebes?  PuhLeeze.  You’d think spending a career as a general his strategic thinking would be more on point… enough to see that guns are not the problem anyway.  Who knows though, maybe he’s got some sort of political agenda now that’s going to get him paid.




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  1. My frame of reference for, McChrystal is that despite being qualified enough to reach a senior position as a general in the United States military, doesn’t mean you have enough common sense to not talk shit about the President in front of a journalist from Rolling Stone. Which is in the same league as not knowing 2+2 = 4.

  2. Being a prior service member I’m surprised at his statements. I’ve heard him and other upper echelon members speak at events in the past and this runs contrary to their ideas about weapons saving lives and protecting freedom. He is very non-committal though in his comments and that (and his tie, seriously who is dressing this guy) makes me think it is entirely political.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      So his issue is with the damage that a centerfire rifle can do? I guess we should ban and confiscate all hunting rifles.

      I suspect he is trying to build up whatever political career he can muster after his departure from the Army. Best way to do that is get face time in the media by saying somewhat controversial things. Seems like purely politically motivated BS. I don’t think he even believes that crap he was spewing about gun violence.

      Also it would be nice if the media would correct their own misinformation. There was no” Bushmaster” used at Sandy Hook, and may not have even been on the premises.

  3. IZinterrogator Avatar

    My experience in the 16 years I have served in the military is that almost all officers in the military O-4 and above would gladly take your guns in a heartbeat. After all, if someone subordinate to them did something wrong with a gun, they would never make general! O-3s and below are still young enough to get a career somewhere else, so they don’t care unless they were a gun grabber pre-military. Before they were barred from doing so, my brigade commander insisted all guns in my house off-post (not all guns owned by me, I had civilian roommates) had to be registered with the S2. My company commander winked and nodded when I explained all my guns were at the bottom of Belton Lake after a tragic boating accident.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      That is a real insult to all officers 0-4 and up. They aren’t all like this, and I would even say that most are not. You paint with a broad brush.

      1. IZinterrogator Avatar

        I said almost all. And there were dozens of incidents reported to the NRA before the passage of the bill that banned mandatory off-post weapons registration where commanders were trying to maintain databases of private weapons ownership. All the commanders involved were above company-level.

    2. JustSouthOfBelton Avatar

      Driving to Belton with my scuba gear and metal detector. ;)

      I kid. Welcome from another Central Texan

      1. I can be at BLORA in 30mins. Lemme know.

        <–From one county north.

  4. He’s an ass-wipe traitor, plain and simple.

    1. Yep

  5. Okay, so when I did my 15 years, I got to see flag officers that constantly swayed the Union Jack with the political wind. Under Borda, they all tried to be Borda. When he died, they all tried to be corporate windbags thinking they were CEOs running a business because that’s what Clinton wanted. When Bush came along they were typical Pogs until 9/11, then they were magically warfighters and tough guys during shock and awe. During hearts and minds, they were greenpace treehuggers. During the pull out, they were antiwar activists.

    Out of all the flags I know and protected (PSD, 2009NEC), there is an extremely short list of flags that I would rate as good officers. The list was about one hands worth of great officers. Then there are only two I would have taken bullet for, and that was because it was my job to do so. The rest were whatever their POTUS wanted them to be at the flip of a switch. Frankly, most were worried about their pizza being in their room when they arrived and that their flag yeoman was around to scribble every word they thought would be an AFARTS notable quotable. Those that surrounded them were too worried someone would notice the old man’s farts smelled like boiled eggs and retirement home.

    McChrystal doesn’t believe the sewage he’s spewing. You can see it in his face, he’s towing the line for somebody right now. Probably as penance for rubbing the administration wrong.

  6. I am not all surprised. When you get to the general ranks, it is politics. He is clearly trying to set himself up. And I doubt there is any evidence to support him ever being a champion for the rights of individual. The military is not that way, and it is hard to find people in the officer ranks that don’t believe that they are suppose to control all aspects of their troops right regardless if it is constitutional or not. Example, to buy a weapon on a Marine base, E-4 and below have to get approval letters from their command. Another one Onslow county, where Camp Lejeune is located, requires a letter from the command to get a concealed carry permit, and that is the base telling the sheriff to do that.

  7. Old Cop Avatar

    When it comes to GENERALS, especially 4-Star Generals, just always remember and never forget one single fact. They have to be POLITICIANS to get stars. Like any POLITICIAN, he knows what to say to play yhe crowd. Any takers on whether he’ll look for elected office after all this. Steven, you hit it on the head… can you say “Senator McChrystal” – or “Congressman McChrystal?”

  8. This clip makes me feel like not buying his book…

  9. TheUnicorn Avatar


  10. He should be stripped of his rank and awards as well as be branded a traitor. This is a direct violation of his oath. Such a disgusting and despicable individual who uses his status to denigrate the very foundation of this country.

  11. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    The General did not have the necessary common sense to watch his tongue, and his aides tongues, when in the presence of some hippie left-wing type from Rolling Stone Magazine. As far as I’m concerned he has ZERO CREDIBILITY on any subject, to include special warfare (something which I don’t know jack about).

  12. TheRealDave Avatar

    News flash- he was not respected in the military community. Firing him is possibly the only thing that Obama ever did that I agree with (though for different reasons). His asinine policies in Afghanistan and restrictive Rules of Engagement got Soldiers killed. That is a fact.

  13. NMM1AFan Avatar

    The General can cordially go fuck himself.

  14. yes, the Australian APC (bushmaster) has no place in the streets of US.

  15. theforgottenman Avatar

    If Old Blood and Guts was alive today, he would pistol whip him with his ivory grip Colt. IMHO, most officers in the military are political animals, especially the generals. Read what Gen. Casey said after the Ft. Hood massacre. He called it an act of workplace violence, not terrorism. This is the result of when PC runs amok in our military. God help us if McChrystal becomes part of the political elite. He would be another pretty face for the cameras spouting off pure b.s.

  16. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    So this is the General who was to stupid and naive to realize that he needed to keep his trap shut, and his staff under control, while a hippie writer from the Rolling Stone Magazine was running around? So much for his credibility, and to hell to someone with that level of common-sense judgement.

    p.s. No, I don’t thank McChrystal for his service. I could give a rat’s ass about his service. To hell with him. Let’s see him try to earn an honest cent outside of Uncle Sam’s fountain!!!

  17. Joe Mama Avatar

    McChrystal needs to stick with shutting down Burger King and Pizza Hut. That’s all he’s qualified for.

  18. IZinterrogator has a very valid point. Guys like McChrystal grew up through West Point and 30ish years in an organization where you have few Constitutional rights. When they get on the outside, they are just lost. Powell, Clark, Casey, all those guys are used to living with out the Constitution.

  19. The fact that the General spouted off such misguided and untrue statements on firearms in this country disproves a common liberal myth… That only LEO’s and Servicemembers are knowledgable of arms and are responsible/good enough to use them. Clearly the General doesnt know jack shit, if he thinks the current M855 round is devasting? Wait till he discovers that Mosin Nagants firing 7.62×54 rounds are FAR more devastating and WAY cheaper.

  20. Chris K. Avatar

    douchebag. Generals are nothing today… no longer are they the hardened dogs of war from days of old. They are for the most part (very rare exceptions) political zombies, they spend the majority of their life learning how to speak in a certain manner as to be gender neutral, racial neutral, politically neutral, etc, etc….
    This makes them turds in my book. “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything”
    Now, Militarily history and college… yeah maybe he knows his shit….but the “oh he’s a General” shit don’t work for me.

    1. The last great American General was Mattis, a man who focused on the operations in the field and ignored the press, which is why he didnt become the Commandant.