Bloomberg Talks More About Banning Guns Which He Know Nothing About

If you want to hear Cynthia McFadden burn him, jump to 3:25

  • Bloomberg: No but pistols are different, you have to pull the trigger each time.  An assault weapon you basically hold and it goes BrrrrrrrBrrrrBrrrrrp
  • Cynthia McFadden: No those are fully automatic weapons
  • Bloomberg: Ok
  • Cynthia McFadden: So fully automatic weapons—
  • Bloomberg: If you have a big magazine, you’ll solve your problem


Putting aside the fact he has armed security and the hipocrasy surrounding that… isn’t it great when a guy rallies against something for 10+ years, and still has no idea what he’s talking about? 



27 responses to “Bloomberg Talks More About Banning Guns Which He Know Nothing About”

  1. lol, bloomberg.

    first he bans high capacity sodas, next he wants to ban weapons that go BRRPRPRPRRBRRRRPPP….

  2. Wow, after that video Bloomberg seems less like an evil anti-gun power monster, and more like a confused old man who doesn’t know what he wants.

  3. New York Newspaper Printed the names and addresses of every Licensed Pistol Permit holder in two Counties

  4. I am looking forward to next November when he is out of office and maybe that will shut his arrogant mouth ( if he doesn’t buy another illegal term ).

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    What the fuck? LOL!

  6. He’s 70 maybe all the Viagra he takes will adversely effect him ???? He is just another rich billionare who has flip flopped between republican & democratic parties. Another george soros clone who wants us to call him “Lord” he reminds me of Montgomery Burns

  7. Wow I had no idea he was such a mis-informed moron. Kinda made my night.

  8. Man, that is just staggeringly stupid. You would think after the decade long crusade he’s been on as described by the news piece there that he would have some minor grasp of this issue.
    It always stuns me when politicians are talking about enacting new legislation to govern their constituents yet display no knowledge of the subject at hand.
    Bloomberg there isn’t trying to ‘dumb it down’ to express his message to a broader audience, he just willfully doesn’t know what the f**k he’s talking about. Sheesh.

  9. Obiwan Kenobody Avatar
    Obiwan Kenobody

    Shoulder thing that goes up’d!!!

  10. SittingDown Avatar

    This just shows how functionally illiterate he is with regards to the laws of the United States and firearms. What self-respecting adult goes on television and makes gunfire noises? He reminds me of this woman:

    Look at how much derp there is in that video. These people must be working with Bloomberg. The girl pulls out an “air bag launcher” that shoots pepper gelatin up to 13ft and tells the panelists that this is superior technology to firearms. These are the Bloombergs of the world. LOL.

  11. I also liked how she mentioned his security detail, and the request to add security to schools.

    Bloomy says “You can’t live your life like that”….then there is a cut.

    I suspect after the cut she said “You seem to be doing fine.” and he socked her in the mouth!

  12. At least he didn’t go after guns that go “pew pew pew pew”. That’s what all mine do. Mine will be safe!

  13. m-cameron1 Avatar

    did anyone else start laughing when he said at the end “…you cant live your life that way, youd be in prison…” after just admiting he has 24hr armed security…

    what a fucking joke.

    Mr. Bloomberg, please do everyone a favor and stick to what you know, banning high capacity soft drinks, and leave the gun laws to people who know what the hell they are talking about

    1. Oh that was classic.

  14. sapper911 Avatar

    These a holes all ways want to make the 2a about hunting. It has nnnnooothing to do with hunting!!! It has everything to do with defense! Defense from a radical add tyrannical government and from people that mean to do us or our families harm. Who would hunt a deer with an AR15 any way? These people sound so stupid when they talk. A short list of the stupid gun terms i have heard in the last few weeks. Assault clip, Hight round count military clip, automatic assault clip, clip capable of holding 30 shells, Assault magazine that holds 30 bullets, Automatic clip holding 30 bullets, Bushmaster gun, Fires 100 bullets a second, Fires more power full bullets, Assault gun with retractable bullet clip, High bullet count clip, Automatic assault gun, same gun used by the military, Empties a clip in a second, Shoots giant holes in people, when you pull the trigger it goes burp burp burp, People use AR15s to hunt deer!!! hahahahaha…. Did i miss any?

    1. I don’t know how many people that actually hunt read this blog but let me say this, most shots i have ever fired at a deer ever = 2. They kinda like to run away when you shoot at them.
      And if i had a gun that held 30 rounds i wouldn’t want to trudge through snow and brush with the extra weight anyhow. Clearly hunting is another thing bloomberg knows nothing about.

    2. My favorite is ‘weapon of mass destruction’.

    3. Crunkleross Avatar

      I agree with everything in your post. However, I think we need to avoid using counter points based on terminology and mechanical misunderstandings on their part. The issue is emotional and so we must figure out a way to win in that arena.

  15. hahaha brrrbbbbrrrbrbrbbrb!

  16. I’ve been calling Bloomy the most dependable asshole in American politics, and there he goes proving it again.

    Whenever you need to count on someone to say or do something astonishingly stupid, he’s your go-to guy.

  17. Blooming Idiot!

  18. Hard_Harry Avatar

    I just figured out who he looks like in the avatar. The painting the prisoner does of pat mcgoohan in escape from Alcataz.

  19. Honestly?
    I’m completely disappointed.
    I want to see Cynthia McFadden burn this corrupt piece of filth, all right. Preferrably with a zippo lighter and 5 gallons of high octane racing gasoline (octane count: over 109).
    But it isn’t going to happen. At least, not until New Yorkers finally grow something resembling enough backbone to end the mind-sucking corruption that they all seem to love.
    Additionally, people keep trying to tell me that Bloomberg will eventually get his just desserts when he’s finally dragged into a courtroom on corruption charges.

    Wrong. Again. As usual. You ignorant moral cowards who call yourselves, “New Yorkers.”
    Vermin like Bloomberg and his ilk only go out of circulation when they are planted under six feet of dirt.
    The law says (supposedly) that there is a 2 term limit for New York mayors – and nobody is capable of enforcing even THAT idiot-simple rule.
    Honestly, where the hell is The Punisher when he’s really needed?

  20. Crunkleross Avatar

    The astonishing thing is that he has supporters, others who agree with him, evidently several.


  22. All that coming from a man who had to get special permissions from the government of Bermuda so that his taxpayer supported armed security team could bring weapons into Bermuda to protect him while at his vacation home:

    So my question to the readers is this. Will his security team adhere to the same ‘three bullet ‘rule that he wants to impose on the ‘little people’? I can almost guarantee that his protection detail are using high capacity mags in their sidearms or whatever other possibly select fire hardware they are equipped with….oh noes!!

  23. We need more reporters like her and less ignorant politicians like him.