$4225 For 100 PMAGS – Shipping Extra




Yea, that is what dividing by zero in the realm of firearms looks like.

Maybe this guy thinks he’s smart and is planning on flipping singles for $60 Scumbag Cheaper Than Dirt style?   I hope someone tells him that although PMAGs are in short supply currently, the polymer to make a bazzilion new ones is not so he better dump those fairly quick.  I just know that Magpul has the PMAG elves running 24/7 around there ready to shit on everyone trying to pull something like this.

Winning Bidder j***r I saltue you. Part of me hopes you just registered that Gunbroker account to troll the auction with a fake bid.


Hat tip: hocklermp5


26 responses to “$4225 For 100 PMAGS – Shipping Extra”

  1. elephantrider Avatar

    My hope is that the magazine producers can ramp up production enough that the demand is close to satisfied ASAP. Then the gougers and scalpers, individuals and dealers alike, can go f&%$ themselves. Magpul sent out an e-mail stating that they are working 24/7 to try and catch up.

  2. I keep looking at the big box of Gen3 PMAGs and the pile of used Gen2 PMAGs and thinking about how big of an idiot I am for not taking advantage of the idiots paying ridiculous amounts for these things. It’s not like I didn’t order and receive more at $14.95 last week…these people must not have gotten paid until Friday or they could have paid MSRP for the damned things!

  3. Crunkleross Avatar

    Pretty dumb to pay that much when Brownells is taking backorders at the normal price.

  4. Hey, my sources say Magpul is in full cycle mode, but are going focus on black to streamline production. So, the a-holes buying them for 40-50 ea in black should embrace the suck. Frankly, they’re polymer and probably cost $3 bucks to make and package including overhead and profit margin. So, Magpul, keep up the stroke and see ya on the flip. The fun part about all of this is, if the NRA-ILA is truly on board, coupled with GOA and the other associations, there won’t be a ban and these guys spent their coin on stuff that will be regular price again by February. Can’t wait for tacti-cool to go back to the tacticians. Don’t rest on your laurels though, keep up the fight. The associations are just Calvary coming in to beef up the end strength.

  5. 45CALifornia Avatar

    there was another case of gen 2 pmags that cleared $7500…

  6. Well are Lancer’s that sucky? Or is it the Magpul name?

    What I’ve been able to find is that the Lancers work ok.

    Regardless, the NRA has the Republican party by the balls. The House is controlled by the Republicans. There won’t be another AWB. I’m with Neil S. Wait until February and the prices will back down.

    1. I have a buncha Lancers. They seem to work. I recall a Shotgun News test way back where they ranked no. 1 for ruggedness, even over the beloved PMag.

      1. wasnt there a link on here once for some crazy magazine testing?

  7. Jeez, have the prices on p-mags really gone this high up? Last I checked 100 new P-mags shouldnt cost much more than $1,400.

  8. The great thing is, one the ban comes into effect, you can saw them in half and have two that are legal!

  9. lancers rust.

    1. Not a problem for desert rats, but I’m a rain gull in the NW; óxido es un gran problema.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Most people keep their magazines indoors where they have HVAC anyway.

        1. No seriously dude, I live in mold city USA. It’s soggy wet here for nine months of the year. Lancers do have a good reputation and I’d buy them, but would have to keep an eye on the rust. Good thing they are clear. Maybe a MagPul snap on cover would help.

  10. What an idiot!

  11. I just got 2 grand for my used five-seven, lolol

  12. I can’t believe this crazyness, there is a RFB bid up to $4,000 on gunbroker. I paid $1900 for one with a serial in the upper 200s when they were still rare.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      I can. Just watch Doomsday Preppers. Some of those people are 600lbs giving advice on how to “bug out.”

  13. I’m sure most of us are preppers and laugh at this stuff. I know I am. [IMG]http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f180/ozzy702/HAHAHA.gif[/IMG]

  14. Contractor. This is really affecting my loadout and a MOB coming up for my men. Not really laughing when you consider increase in overhead by this + fiscal cliff (business taxes and employer contribution taxes) + obamacare. No I’m not laughing.

  15. What if I said CTD was supspending sales of firearms under the advice of the NRA? Just a thought I guess.

  16. Glad I did just that two years ago. Got a case of C-Product mags with the anti-tilt followers for $950.

  17. I hope Price gougers get an egg beater shoved up their rear with a wild man at the crank!!!!!