Sako x Nokia Rifle Ammunition

Connecting lead and people via Sako:



I don’t know what the hell is going on there, but I like it.  I’m waiting for the Apple/Glock ammo collab though.

Thoughts?  I know herbs are waiting for the Blackberry / Hi-Point collab.  Fall back.


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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, introducting the iGlock.

    Features :
    Proprietary .4432131 caliber rounds.*
    Integrated 15 round magazine.**
    Comes in white and black ***
    A range of unique accessories.****
    Features proprietary iPicatinny mounting system. *****

    * only available from select iGunStore.
    ** Magazine can not be removed, reloading must be done by a certified iGlock technician at a registered iGunStore.
    *** White iGlock in limited supply, you may, (lol, will) be put on a waiting list.
    **** Accessories only available via iGunStore. Accessories will only fit current iGlock model.
    ***** Not compatable with standard picatinny mounts.

    Warning : Due to Apple, and Glocks noted history of devices exploding, the iGlock should not be fired unless wearing Class IV or above body armor. Apple/Glock is not responsible for any lost of life or limb during the operation of the iGlock.

  2. There’s actually a good explanation for this.

    Nokia is one of Finlands oldest industrial companies, starting up with wood pulp in 1865. They diversified into rubber in 1898, and electrical cables in 1912. Lots of fingers in lots of pies.

    In 1987 Finnish state-owned arms manufacturer Valmet merged with SAKO, forming the new company SAKO-VALMET, with ownership split in half between the Finnish government and Nokia. Loads of reorganizations led to the company retaining the SAKO name and being sold off to Beretta Holdings. That means they joined the family of Beretta, Benelli, Franchi etc. SAKO currently sells under the premium SAKO brand and the more reasonably priced Tikka.

    So, Nokia did make guns and ammo throughout the 90’s.

    1. Oh, and for you AK lovers, the Valmet M76 is supposedly one of the finest AK variants out there.

      1. Valmet made everything in Finland in the 80’s.

  3. Got a pair of Swedish army issued winter rubber boots made by Nokia. Best bloody wellies you can get your hands on.

  4. William J Parker Avatar
    William J Parker

    Anyone out there have any suggestions for obtaining 9.3mm x 53R ammo? The ammo is for a Sako M39.