AK-47SU KGB Spy Briefcase Drops It Like It’s Hot

This is slick:

I’m impressed.  The design seems very simple too which is a plus.

Guns that fire from within briefcases are still cooler… but the one in the post is a close second.



10 responses to “AK-47SU KGB Spy Briefcase Drops It Like It’s Hot”

  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    Oh, God, I need one.

    1. so do i!

  2. enfieldem2 Avatar

    This looks like it would be a fun accessory for those new Zastava AK pistols, I actually like the looks of this more than the ones that fire from inside the suitcase. I also think the ones that fire inside the container might be NFA items, but I am not 100% on that.

    1. Unless they’ve changed their stance I think the BATFE considers guns that will fire from inside briefcases AOWs because they function as disguised weapons. I think you’d only register the actual firearm so at that point I would think you could add a folding stock too. You’d probably want to ask first. But how cool would that be?

    2. they are. and AOW. if you make it $200…if you buy one $5

  3. AK Builder T-shirt Plz.

  4. AK Builder Shirt. Because you love us.

  5. Finally, a use for AK pistols!

  6. Oh yeah, luv it. But until this comes along I’ll just keep carrying my AK74 in it’s Tennis racket bag.