James Yeager On Vehicle Ambushes

Yea this happened:

Uh yea… I’m not touching this one.  I’m sure he’s had to delete a million comments considering his heavily criticized history regarding vehicle ambushes.  I mentioned before I don’t have an opinion on those events… I wasn’t there and the video sucks.



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  1. Bring Buck Yeager back

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I might have to!

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        “Ditch Twitch” aka Buck Angel James Yeager LIVES. :D

      2. Nope, time for a new meme –
        Yeagers face on the Korean singer PSYs body while doing the horse dance. Call it Cpl. Upham Style.
        Heres a start.

  2. This is like Ted Kennedy giving lessons to Life Guards.

    1. croppedxout Avatar

      hahaha that ruled

    2. This is like Ted Kennedy giving lessons to Life Guards.

      That was hilarious. Or maybe Charlie Sheen telling kids to “just say no” to drugs. Love the Ted Kennedy reference though.

  3. If he would just publicly admit that he screwed up, and that maybe he’s done a lot of research on the topic because he knows how quickly things can go bad, then he wouldn’t bug me so much. But when he just defends his actions or doesn’t acknowledge them, it really bugs me.

    However, it was a long time ago. Maybe I should just not worry about it anymore.

    1. SittingDown Avatar


      Ditch Twitch is never going to admit failure. Not going to happen. That would crush his fantasy, in which he is the alpha male to end all alpha males and never makes mistakes–he’s the tactical genius after all. How dare you question the lead instructor? He has taken thousands of classes, don’t ya know? He has 15,000 hours of internet experience! Besides, if he admits he fucked up, his Testosterone levels might drop briefly and then he’d have to spend more money on Testosterone and that would make “Glugg” angry. Glugg angry. Glugg smash.

      Jimmy “Ditch Twitch” Yeager is all about marketing hype. Why do you think he talks about “Active Shooter” and “Vehicle Tactics” scenarios? He knows that will get people talking about his failures. Bad publicity is better than none. In other words, he says he’ll break your back if you challenge him to his face but never does.

      He’s Peter Popoff version 2.0: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Popoff

  4. I was not there either, but I cannot stop giggling…

  5. He could have saved everyone 7:38 and just said “go and hide like a punk in the nearest ditch whilst your team mate bleeds out” which we know for a fact is a Buck approved tactic. Bring back Buck!

  6. I cant even force myself to watch this.
    This is what i know already,
    dont fire machine guns to scare locals away and think they wont realise you are good targets.
    Drive the vehicle or train enough so you know what is controls do and where they are.
    Dont work for half assed, created yesterday, private security outfits that were made purely to milk fat government contracts based on the owner used to be a cook in the navy or other weak qualification.

  7. librarian Avatar

    Tell me some one mirrored this video before he pulled it down!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      OH LAWD you’re right it’s down! hahahah epic.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Must have been a youtube bug because the video in the post is now not private… and some of his other ones are re-appearing

  8. New bumper sticker: Never Sit on the X

  9. I am not going to watch a video about vehicle dismount and reaction to ambushes from a person who sits on Route Irish with his fucking e-brake on. Fuck him and his ditch.

  10. Didn’t watch video but here it goes:

    1. Have your vehicule with the e-brake on and in neutral.
    2. Get ambushed.
    3. Floor the gas and grenade the fuck out of the transmission.
    4. Hide in ditch.

  11. I think this video is equal to watching family guy for sensitivity training

  12. I don’t have any millitary/LE training, can someone point out whats wrong in the vid ?? I’m just curious.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-fjrRB7WPQ

    The forward vehicle, on the right, Yeager is the first one out. He fires a few rounds and then retreats left across the screen, safely behind cover in a ditch. When he gets there you can see his foot sticking out form behind the tassel. He stays there until the danger is long since over.

  14. @Kosm

    There is nothing wrong with the tactics, just the teacher. If you google Buck (James) Yeager BIAP, you’ll see why he draws so much criticism. When you do watch the video, take note of the guy jumping out of the car and running for a ditch whilst his team is taking effective fire. That is Buck. Better yet, here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-fjrRB7WPQ

  15. Honestly, his response under fire was completely understandable, and technically he was following the correct response by firing, then retreating, and no one else followed him. But he is also extraordinarily lucky that he didn’t get shredded with the first rounds of the attack. It would be nice if he would be a little more grateful and humble that he was able to get out of the car in the first place.

    1. Yep. Getting out of the fire sack is always a priority.

      1. It is, but don’t go on every media outlet you can find and beat your chest about how brave and smart and awesome you were, especially when there were other guys on your team that effectively returned fire, and possibly repelled the attack. And they were in just as much danger as Yeager was. His brain reverted back to a planned response, of shooting then retreating, just as much as the guy who was killed the car reverted to a shocked reaction of ‘Holy Crap I’ve been shot!’.

        There were guys who fired back, who attempted to stop the attackers from shooting, then rendered first aid as best they could. Yeager’s response seems to be, bang bang bang, retreat, why isn’t anybody else following me?

  16. So, no photoshop abilities, but lets see if this embeds

  17. nope, sorry.