FPS Russia’s Far Cry 3 Advertisement

Oh… I Mean He Looks At Far Cry 3 Weaponry:

Both Freddiew and FPS Russia act like they are making these videos out of the goodness of their hearts, with no compensation from the video game companies at all.  I find that hard to believe considering the entire thing is an advertisement, who knows though… maybe these are the type of videos is what they think their audience wants to see.

I’ll admit that boat explosion was cool, but I’m getting quite bored of his videos.

You can buy Far Cry 3 for $60 over at Amazon if that’s your thing.



11 responses to “FPS Russia’s Far Cry 3 Advertisement”

  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    hehehe 2:10 he flinched like a motherf***er

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      LOL. Those mannequins looked just like him.

  2. “Dragonov SVD” is actually a Romanian PSL. Shame on you FPS Russia.

    1. Seriously.

      1. but when it was made all those appendages were still russia, so i will let it slide

  3. Meh, he knows his demographic and how to get the clicks from them.

  4. At least they’re not a t-shirt company with a blog attached.

    1. lol

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha good one. Shirts have been around for a year though, whereas the blog is around 3 years old.

  5. Why wont he just pack a van full of tannerite, stand extremely close to it… and shoot the damn van already. I mean seriously… Who watches this guy? I dont even watch the videos any more, even when you post em.

  6. Lots of hate going around. Personally? I’m jealous of his setup. He gets to fuck about with guns and get paid doing it.