Shit Shovel AK-47

Complete with shovel handle:

His 10 round group at 50 yards:

Cost breakdown:

  • Shit shovel: $2
  • Romy sans-barrel AK kit: $200
  • Barrel blank: $30

Probably one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen or heard regarding firearms.

Check out the full thread over at North East Shooters for tons of pics and the back story.

If you have an account on North East Shooters please tell that guy to contact me, I’d like to send him a complimentary ENDO Apparel AK-47 fire selector switch t-shirt for being so awesome at life.  (New stock arriving soon for those of you who want a size I don’t currently have… get on the notification list)

Well well more proof that you can’t ban guns unless you ban metal, shovels, fire, wood etc… hahah

The same guy also built a PPSh too which you should also check out.


Hat tip: Mark, Adrian, Jonny, Karl, Lisa, Wyatt, John, Jared (I think that’s everyone!)


20 responses to “Shit Shovel AK-47”

  1. Mike, you should design a AK builders club shirt for this guy.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hehe that would be funny

      1. Quint Young Avatar
        Quint Young

        Please do. I would buy one as soon as I finish my AK.

  2. czbeardly Avatar

    The thread on reddit about this guys build is making one thing sure: He won the internet!

  3. 10 out of 10 for having the skills and equipment to do this. I dont so i will just buy a PPSh instead.

  4. AK Builders Club shirt FTW

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Would one put on that? I don’t know enough about AKs. Putting a shovel would be funny, but not enough people would get it. Do you have a link to a standard set of tools people use to make an AK?


        Probably not enough demand for an AK shovel shirt.

  5. This guy is awesome! Mike let him design your next shirt?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I like the idea of an AK builders club t-shirt that someone mentioned above. He wouldn’t be the guy to design it though.

  6. Luke Welter Avatar
    Luke Welter

    It just works…

  7. “Well well more proof that you can’t ban guns unless you ban metal, shovels, fire, wood etc…”

    Don’t joke about it! Especially if you can make it with the shoulder-thing that goes up!

  8. Ah..someone already mentioned “shoulder thing that goes up”..crap.

  9. wow, he has fewer tools than I do and makes way better guns! Points for ingenuity and moxie!

  10. I’m a member there and started the reddit thread, i’ll let him know about the t-shirt.

  11. This is so epic. And classy move with the t-shirt

  12. AK Builder’s club tools would be a Hammer, a multi-tool and a screwdriver. All of which you could somehow draw to resemble a sickle and hammer.

  13. sapper911 Avatar

    awesome! It looks like a shit shovel. I love how shitty it looks! I want one!

  14. “more proof that you can’t ban guns unless you ban metal, shovels, fire, wood etc…” ?? And the receiver? He made that out of what — a desk drawer organizer? This is just another loophole to circumvent firearms regulations.

    1. He made that out of the shovel, Paul. You would know this if you examined the link.

      You’re absolutely right that this is “another loophole” to circumvent idiotic legislation, the mere fact that the majority of the weapon is homemade is proof of that. Had he been dedicated enough, he could have made every part out of scrap metal and that’s including the chamber reamer and other tools for the build.