AR-15 Shooting Cable Suspension

If you’re not regularly shooting your AR-15 out of vehicles using two cables to steady it, you should probably reevaluate your operator life:

The rifle and pics are from LVOA.  Pronounced “LOVE-AH”?  They should have called the rifle Boombastic;  shout out to Shaggy for that hot ’95 joint.

No word on if you can just purchase that fore-end.  Looks prefect for clothing line ops.



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    1. I mean, it what context would this thing EVER be used? You can’t even use it for drive-bys!

      1. czbeardly Avatar

        I might need this in my GT 86… but then again, I have not bought an AR yet… and the backseats only fit double leg amputee midgets..

        1. But you”l just end up blowing out your windshield! GOD! I don’t know why I’m so angry but this fucking thing is just pissing me off! It’s just so stupid!

          You can’t use it in your car ’cause you’ll blow out your windshield and it takes so long to set up it can’t be used in a combat situation. And even if wanted to use it what are the odds of you getting ambushed in a junkyard while you just so happen to have both your AR-15 and this THING!?!?

          I MEAN FUCK!

          1. Poppy slow your roll. You’re thinking on the wrong side of an ambush, and assuming that this is the shooter’s car. Let’s imagine that you wanted to cover a street for x hours while keeping relatively concealed; what’s so enraging about getting into an unused car, throwing up a loop of 550 at the optimal height, and settling in for a long night?

            Also, this is apparently the “Gunworks Low Visibility Operations Application (LVOA) Rifle” not LOVA. Personally I like LOVA better.

            1. Also, have you ever tried shooting a rifle over the hood while bounding down a shitty road? One good pothole and it’s pretty easy to put a round in the engine (or your leg) and a line of 550 hung from the ceiling might be just the thing to keep your muzzle from kissing your naughty bits at the wrong moment, like when you are depressing the trigger.

              The one thing that is confusing me is that it looks like he’s got that laced through his handguard. That would actually be pretty stupid.

            2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

              Haha oops I’ll have to edit that part of the post. Sometimes I see what I want to see.

  2. 550 cord looped on the ohshit handles in the back of an SUV make a decent swinging platform for an M249; especially when the driving gets a little frantic. This might be for sale, but is a $.03 cent fix.

  3. Is this for real or a gag item? One of the arms companies I’m familiar with gets input from SF on new gear designs and one of the features they desire are non-snag. This seems counter to that.

  4. No, its real and has a limited use for trunk monkeys in civilian type vehicles, accurate return fire while pushing through an ambush point by the vehicles crew served or automatic rifleman… The same idea has been used in helos as well for some improvement on stability – but that is a different conversation with different ideas.

  5. It should have a sling shot

  6. well, mr stringtastic there lost all credibility when i saw the look at me, look at me i’m a real operator beard

    1. m-cameorn Avatar

      youd be hard pressed to call that a beard….hell, i have 5 o’clock shadow bushier than that…..

      1. thats what i call operator beard, both operator and beard should be in quotes though i admit.

  7. Wow this is really embarrassing


    I didn’t realize that the bungies were attached to the gun. Probably sounds good on paper (okay, not even then), but in practical application it falls very short. If you’re being ambushed you should be shooting, not playing with string!!! If you’re not being ambushed but you’re in a hostile invironment, you should be scanning and have mobility… but your rifle is tied up to one position.


  9. Oh my, i just figured out how this works.
    If you look at the top photo and see how he is pulling the gun back, when you pull the trigger you release the grip on the gun and the bungee pulls it forwards adding extra power to the bullet!
    Just like when gangstas throw the gun forward to give the bullet that extra push.

  10. SittingDown Avatar

    This guy looks like he watches Call of Duty cut scenes for fashion tips.

    1. What’s the point of being an operator if people can’t tell by looking at you that you operate in all sorts of operations?

  11. So this guy actually ran paracord thru the lightening holes in his quad rail? WTF happens when you need to shoot out a side window or get out of the car.

    1. That’s why you carry 2, duh

    2. I checked out their spec page to get all the mall-ninja features, one of which is the LVOA “Boyette” wire cutter. Who the fuck needs a wire cutter on their AR?

      1. And holyshit this is expensive, $2,995!

        1. And that doesnt include the EOTech either.

          1. or a bottle opener

    3. Exactly, Matt.

  12. Fuck all the hate in this post. I want that fucking gun.

    P.S. Nice shoutout Mike.

  13. he puts the special in special ops.